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   Chapter 333 The Two Greedy Masters

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The weapon refiner was the most sensitive person towards weapons.

Although Harrison still couldn't believe that Zen had made a fairy weapon, the sword in front of him was the proof that the latter did it.

Zen held the sword's hilt and gently brandished it around. Then a satisfied smile crossed his face.

Zen noticed a texture at the bottom of the sword that looked more complex and beautifully-shaped than the spiritual textures on his body.

The more he looked at it, the more he realized that it wasn't a spiritual texture but a fairy texture.

The sword bore a fairy texture, and that could only mean that it was indeed a fairy weapon.

After wielding it, Zen suddenly turned and thrust the sword diagonally upward.


A beam of bright silver light rushed out from the point of the sword. It was so sharp that it pierced the eaves on its way.

The eaves at Quenching Peak were made of steel. But now, the ray of light from the sharp sword left a hole in the eaves just as if they were made of mud.

The damage was made from the power of the sword. Zen didn't even have to use his demonic life vitality.

'This sword didn't have a name before it was finished. Now that I ultimately condensed it, I will give it a name, ' Zen pondered. 'Because of its powerful light, I'll just call it Streamer!'

The sword in his hand suddenly gave a wave of tremor when he thought of this name.

"Eh?" Zen looked curiously at the Streamer Sword. It was said that a part of the magic weapon's consciousness would gradually awaken when it became powerful enough. Although it could not communicate with its owner directly, it could create some connection with the owner. It was the link between the sword intent and its owner's consciousness.

After the awakening of the sword intent, it would condense into a sword beast. Then the sword would finally be its owner's incarnation.

However, whether this sword could form into a sword beast was something that Zen wouldn't be able to know just now, so he shrugged off the idea for the time being.

What had just happened caused quite a stir, drawing all the disciples at Quenching Peak. These disciples in black or white robes all huddled at the gate of the Seventeenth Court, stretching their heads to try to peer in.

They were curious about who was the weapon refiner that had caused such a stir in the Seventeenth Court.

No sooner than that, the gate of the Seventeenth Court became overcrowded.

From not so far away, two figures suddenly sprinted and then firmly stopped by the gate. The two men came from the fire pool and were known by the names of Jerrison and Merk.

When they saw the crowd at the gate of the Seventeenth Court, they immediately realized that the wave was from here. This saved them the trouble of going door to door.

Seeing their masters had arrived, the disciples that gathered at the gate of the Seventeenth Court all made way for them.

"Who was refining the weapon?" Merk asked before entering through the gate.

But Jerrison's eyes were much sharper. As soon as he got into the Seventeenth Court, he glanced around and found Zen with the

ng wasn't right. He could clearly see that the two men were lusting for his sword.

Jerrison and Merk made no secret of their evil intentions. In their opinion, as the masters of Quenching Peak, the whole peak was their territory. And being an outer disciple from another peak, Zen could not absolutely refuse their request.

And if it hadn't been for the other disciples around, they would have already shown their ferocity.

A fairy weapon and the way to condense it– both of them could drive any weapon refiner mad.

Jerrison and Merk thought they had fooled Zen already. But little did they know that Zen didn't take them seriously.

The two men were both at the seventh grade of nature level. On the same level, the weapon refiners were weaker than the body refiners. Thus, the two were no match for Zen.

If they did show some malevolence toward Zen, the young man wouldn't mind giving them a severe lecture. It was a good way to test the power of his newly condensed Streamer Sword.

'Now that Zen has agreed to my request, it will be much easier to accomplish my goals, ' Jerrison muttered in his heart. He was highly delighted wondering if Zen was really a fool. Of course, it was better for him if he had really fooled Zen. He hoped that Zen would surrender his fairy weapon and the weapon refining method. That way, they could both spare him the trouble.

"Get out of our way! Move!" Jerrison cried and waved at the disciples at the door to make them leave the Seventeenth Court. "Stop watching!" When the disciples had finally all left, he said to Zen, "Zen, come with me."

Then Jerrison took the lead, followed by Zen, and then Merk walked right behind them. The two deliberately sandwiched Zen in between them, afraid that the fool would try to run away.

But they felt it was unnecessary. How could a disciple at the first grade of nature level escape from both of them? They made up their minds that if Zen didn't hand over his fairy weapon and weapon refining method, they would never allow him to leave Quenching Peak.

Zen then found himself led by Jerrison into a yard.

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