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   Chapter 332 Condensation (Part Two)

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Seeing that Zen tore the demonic life vitality, the disciples in the Seventeenth Court felt confused. Harrison too stared blankly, "Are you done with it so fast?"

According to their knowledge about how to refine a weapon, the time would be either long or short, but Zen finished it in such a short time, which was uncommon.

Judging from this point, Harrison was sure that Zen was just having fun!

Zen replied with a relieved smile, "Yes, I have finished refining the sword."

"Zen, please open the furnace so that we can have a look at the result." Harrison didn't harbour any ill intention but was simply curious about what Zen wanted to do.

Zen walked to the weapon refining furnace. When he uncovered the furnace lid, a silver light suddenly reflected out from the furnace.


The sharp silver light was shining brightly from the burner and dashed to the wall in the Seventeenth Court. One layer of the wall was cut by the light unexpectedly.

When Zen stretched his hand into the furnace and took out the treasured sword, the silver light on the sword rushed to the sky. An invisible wave spread around the sword.


For a second, all people at Quenching Peak found something unusual.

On the side behind the Quenching Peak, the ground fire vein extending from the Hell Mountain converged here and formed a pool with a depth of three meters. However, there was no water but rolling magma in the pool, so it could very simply be called a fire pool.

Around the fire pool sat two weapon refiners who summoned the body fire to mix with the magma in the fire pool.

These two weapon refiners were the masters at Quenching Peak: Jerrison Yan and Merk Jiang. Both of them reached grade 7 of the nature level. They didn't have powerful strength but had great knowledge on refining weapons. Although they were a great distance from a grand master,

gree to use the ordinary copper furnace at Quenching Peak?

Merk replied, "I don't think it is possible, either. But Enio is the only one who can refine fairy weapons in Cloud Sect. How can anyone else even be able to refine a fairy weapon?"

"Since we can't figure out. Why not just head to the spot and have a look for ourselves?" Afterwards, Jerrison stood up and headed to Quenching Peak, and Merk followed him closely behind. Although they were weapon refiners, they had the strength at grade 7 of the nature level, so they had high speed. With that said they arrived at Quenching Peak in an instant.

In the Seventeenth Court, the treasured sword in Zen's hand had totally transformed, even though the treasured sword's shape hadn't changed. Before it was refined, it looked ordinary.

However, the whole treasured sword was now full of weird silver lights currently. If someone stared carefully, there were some runes on the blade of the sword indistinctly.

Harrison and the disciples in the Seventeenth Court were completely dumbfounded.

They opened their eyes wide and blankly stared at the treasured sword in Zen's hand. They wanted to speak but were astonished and unable to say anything, so they just wore a dull expression.

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