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   Chapter 331 Condensation (Part One)

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After putting the treasured sword into the weapon refining furnace, Zen closed the furnace's door casually. Then he went to the seat, where Harrison refined the weapon a few moments earlier. It faced the weapon refining furnace's burner.

After Zen took his seat, the demonic life vitality appeared in his hand.

The demonic life vitality wrapped up around his hand within seconds.

The heavenly essence was a big deal. He let Wurth help him sell it at auction because he trusted Wurth and also honestly other than Wurth, he didn't have any better person to help him sell the heavenly essence. However, he also didn't want anybody but Wurth and himself to know that he had the heavenly essence. So owing to these conditions, Wurth seemed like the only option!

Of course, there was no way Zen would let the disciples in the Seventeenth Court before his eyes discover anything.

In order to meet the purpose, Zen had to do something about it. The demonic life vitality's colour was a deep brooding dark purple. He made the demonic life vitality wrap up around his hand with the space ring and then took out the heavenly essence from the ring.

The heavenly essence was mixed in the demonic life vitality and couldn't be spotted from outside.

After preparing everything in order, Zen pushed the demonic life vitality to shoot at the weapon refining furnace's burner, and the heavenly essence was wrapped in the demonic life vitality. He couldn't make it all perfect, so the real masters would find out.

However, Zen believed that the disciples in the Seventeenth Court couldn't perceive it.

The demonic life vitality formed a thick line and poured the heavenly essence in the weapon refining furnace one drop after another slowly and delicately.

Looking at the dark purple demonic life vitality, Harrison's eyelid flickered. He thought

to make the best of everything.

If they used the heavenly essence to refine a sword, it could only be used on the blade. If the heavenly essence was not enough, they might put it exactly on the edge of the blade following the saying.

Even though some effect of the heavenly essence would be lost, the effect would be better than that of a stick in the eye.

However, Zen didn't have the knowledge to economize and micromanage. He almost let the heavenly essence drip randomly, so it not only fell on the blade but also filled the sword's handle.

But even this treasured sword couldn't absorb the heavenly essence infinitely. There was a limit, which depended on the weapon refiner's attainment.

Zen put hundreds of heavenly essence drops in the weapon refining furnace in one go. The whole treasured sword was covered with the heavenly essence. From the blade to the handle and even the top, it was absorbing all that it could. It was saturated in heavenly essence.

Till now, Zen withdrew the heavenly essence which was not absorbed from the weapon refining furnace and made it return into his space ring.

The refining process was almost over and it took a short duration of somewhere around thirty minutes.

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