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   Chapter 330 The Weapon Condensing Skill (Part Two)

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Out of his expectation, the process of condensation was more successful this time. Zen saw Harrison withdrew the fire an hour later. He heard Harrison said, "Alas! It's done!"

The disciples of Seventeenth Court who were standing nearby also cheered when they saw Harrison finished the condensation process. "Harrison, you did it!"

"Come on! Let's open the weapon refining furnace and look at the first top-grade mysterious weapon of our Seventeenth Court!" someone said in an excited tone.

Harrison walked towards the weapon refining furnace and took off its lid. Right now, the temperature in the furnace was quite high, so he had to condense a fire on his arm to protect himself from being burned in the high temperature of the furnace.

When Harrison retracted his hand from the furnace, he was finally holding a sword in his hand.

The silver sword was shining, and it glittered under the ray of the sun.

"It's an actual top-grade mysterious weapon! I'd like to name this sword the Water Seeking Sword!" Harrison said as he took the sword in his hand and looked at it carefully. His junior fellow disciples rushed to him like a swarm of bees trying to get a look at the top-grade mysterious weapon.

Meanwhile, Zen walked slowly towards Harrison. He complimented him with a smile on his face, "You did it, Harrison! You have refined a top-grade mysterious weapon."

Harrison saw the casual glance that Zen threw at the top-grade mysterious weapon he just refined. It seemed that Zen wasn't really interested in it at all, so Harrison asked, "I have finished the condensation now. So, when will you use the weapon refining furnace to condense your weapon?"

"I'll do it now," replied Zen in a calm tone.

Harrison stood aside and stretched out his hand, gesturing for

t ignored the pitiful and angry looks of the disciples around him and put the sword in the weapon refining furnace.

"Zen, don't you need the fire to protect yourself from burning?" Harrison inquired in confusion. Harrison found another peculiarity of Zen. He noticed that Zen didn't get burned even if he put his hands in the furnace without any protection.

"Oh, the temperature in this furnace is not too high, so I don't need to protect my arm with the fire," Zen replied and smiled.

Harrison was suddenly at loss for words.

Although he knew Zen was a man of great power when he delivered the life vitality to help him earlier, he didn't expect that Zen could stand such high temperature. There was underground lava connected at the bottom of the weapon refining furnace, and he just condensed a weapon with the fire in it. How could it be possible that the temperature in the furnace wasn't too high?

The temperature was so high in the furnace right now that it might take only two seconds to make a pig roast if you threw one in it.

But Zen's arms weren't burned after he put the sword inside the furnace. There wasn't even a scratch on his arms. How was it even possible?

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