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   Chapter 329 The Weapon Condensing Skill (Part One)

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It was the first time that an outer disciple of the Drizzle Peak came to the Quenching Peak to borrow the weapon refining furnace.

Harrison heard about some gifted and talented disciples that not only practiced martial arts but also had great attainments in refining weapons.

But most of those talented disciples came from the noble clans and had great family backgrounds. Moreover, the weapon refining furnaces used by the noble clans were more advanced than those used by the disciples on Quenching Peak. So how could it be that a disciple came to Quenching Peak to borrow the weapon refining furnace from them?

"You heard me right. I want to borrow your weapon refining furnace for a while. But don't worry, I'm not going to use it to refine a weapon. I just want to condense a weapon," Zen explained in a calm tone.

Harrison was even more confused after hearing Zen's explanation.

From what Harrison could see, Zen wasn't a weapon refiner, so how could the latter be able to condense a weapon?

Condensation was a process where a weapon refiner condensed his understanding of the Heavenly Law into a weapon. Only after the condensation could the weapon be graded. Therefore, condensation was considered the most important process in refining a weapon as the amount of understanding of the Heavenly Law would determine the grade of a weapon.

There was a common belief that a thing could not exist without a basis.

If Zen wasn't a weapon refiner, how could he comprehend the Heavenly Law? And if he couldn't comprehend the Heavenly Law, how could he possibly condense a weapon?

This was the reason why Harrison was confused about Zen's plan.

But Harrison didn't see anything wrong in lending the weapon refining furnace to Zen for condensing a weapon.


ne of the legends said that there was someone who spent a month condensing a weapon. The weapon refiner didn't waste any time during the whole month of condensation that he ate and drank in front of the weapon refining furnace. He took that long because he thought that he hadn't condensed the weapon very well. And after a month of continuous condensation, he was able to condense a fairy weapon.

There was another story that a weapon refiner was screwed up with abnormal weather in the process of condensation. The weapon refiner had only half an hour to condense his weapon considering the lightning, thunder, and gale. But after all the challenges, he was still able to condense a fairy weapon.

These kinds of stories created misconceptions about weapon refining. They thought that the success of the weapon refining depended only on luck.

But in reality, the ability was more important than luck in the process of weapon refining.

In general, the weapon refining trainee like Harrison would take a long time in the process of condensation. It would take him two to four hours to condense a weapon.

But Zen was willing to wait. He stood aside and waited for Harrison silently.

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