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   Chapter 328 The Explosion Of The Weapon Refining Furnace

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A tinkle echoed in the air before a black smoke billowed out of the weapon refining furnace.

When the outer disciple looked back at the smoke, his face suddenly turned pale and he cried out, "Oh, Harrison. What's wrong? Is there a fire shortage?" If the fire was not enough to burn the material in the furnace, the furnace would explode.

The inside and outside pressures of the furnace were different because of the high heat. In order to resist the high pressure in the furnace, the furnace wall had to be very thick.

But it was clearly impossible to resist the high pressure by relying on thick furnace alone. Certain materials would have different reactions when put into the weapon refining furnace. These reactions must be handled accordingly. Thus, a weapon refiner had to be well-experienced and resourceful to manage these reactions well.

This was why even without proper training, a lad at half-step into the nature level like Evil Lan could refine weapons far better than any disciples in Cloud Sect. If he had studied in Cloud Sect, he would have been able to refine not only top-grade mysterious weapons but also spiritual ones.

Zen sensed that the disciple of the Seventeenth Court who was operating the weapon refining furnace was already panicking.

It would be a big disaster if the furnace exploded.

The weapon refining furnaces of Quenching Peak were expensive. Each furnace was made of refined copper and rare metals for the inner wall. If the furnace did explode, these disciples couldn't afford the loss.

Thus, all the disciples of Seventeenth Court were flurried.

"Oh-oh, I'll go get a master!" exclaimed one disciple.

"The furnace will explode any minute now. It is too late to call master now," another shouted.

Those disciples were fussing around like ants on a hot pan.

"Harrison, try to use your life vitality to separate the sword embryo from other materials in the furnace," someone suggested to the disciple who was operating the weapon refining furnace.

The disciple named Harrison replied, "I'm trying my best to do it, but the sword embryo is closely attached to other materials. There's nothing I can do to separate them." He poured life vitality from his hands into the furnace to feed fire continuously. He was already sweating from the heat of the furnace and the anxiousness he was feeling that moment.

"Come on, Harrison, refuel!" the disciples encouraged. But unfortunately, Harrison was already running out of fuel.

Zen watched them without caring whether the furnace exploded or not.

But he thought that in order to borrow their weapon refining furnace, he should help them out. If the furnace was broken, there was no way he could refine his sword.

So without any second thought, Zen stepped forward to help.

"What are you going to do?

eak and the other disciples would envy them.

Although the white smoke was not an assurance that the refining would be a success, it was a good start for them and enough to make them happy.

With a satisfied smile on his face, Harrison sat on the ground and sighed of relief. They were able to save the situation of the furnace almost blowing up. He was grateful to have survived that life-and-death situation. But first, he must thank the person who helped him.

So Harrison stood up and bowed to Zen, "Thank you so much for your help, my friend. If it weren't for you, the furnace would have blown up and we'd be in great trouble. My name is Harrison Xu, the eldest disciple of the Seventeenth Court."

Zen returned the gesture by bowing and introduced himself, "I'm Zen Luo, the outer disciple of Drizzle Peak."

After greeting each other, Harrison asked, "Did you come to Quenching Peak to refine a mysterious weapon?" He waited for Zen to respond, but when the latter wasn't saying a word, Harrison continued. "I haven't mastered the skill of weapon refining. As you can see, we're in the middle of making a top-grade mysterious weapon, but it almost ended in a furnace explosion. Fortunately, you're here to help us. But if you're looking to refine low and middle-grade mysterious weapons, we can help you to make one."

Zen helped Harrison escape from the danger of a furnace explosion.

And to show his gratitude, Harrison was willing to refine a mysterious weapon for Zen.

But Zen wasn't looking to refine a mysterious or spiritual weapon. After considering Harrison's offer, he said, "I appreciate your kindness, Harrison. But I don't want to bother you. I just like to use your weapon refining furnace for a while."

"What?" Harrison exclaimed, looking at Zen with suspicious eyes. "But you are neither a weapon refiner nor a disciple of Quenching Peak."

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