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   Chapter 327 The Quenching Peak (Part Two)

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After a long, steep hike, Zen found himself in the courtyard. As he entered, Zen saw a bronze furnace standing taller than an adult, which he knew as the weapon refining furnace.

Once, a while back, he'd been held captive in Evil Lan's cave, and confined in the bowels of a refining furnace, while Evil Lan tried for quite some time to refine him. Back then, Zen planned to keep Evil Lan's refining furnace. However, it was too big and he couldn't fit it in his Space Ring. So, he had to give that plan up.

Evil Lan was a weapon refiner at half-step into the nature level. Although his refining abilities were unique, he couldn't be compared to the disciples at the Cloud Sect. Runes were engraved into the shiny bronze surface of the furnace in front of Zen, and it was clear that it was more advanced than the furnace Zen remembered from Evil Lan's cave.

There were seven or eight disciples encircling the furnace, diligently working.

Based on Zen's observation of them, it was obvious that they were divided into inner and outer disciples like the thirty-three peaks. Yet, unlike the inner and outer disciples in the thirty-three peaks who worked separately in different places, the weapon refining disciples in Quenching Peak worked harmoniously alongside one another, with varying responsibilities based on level.

Most of the tasks that the weapon refining outer disciples were responsible for were the physical chores, including lifting, fetching supplies, carrying items and running errands for the inner disciples. While the outer disciples scurried around, bringing items to the furnace area, and removing others, the inner disciples were as busy at the bronze furnace ensuring the heat from the blazing flames remained consistent by spraying fire as needed.

Zen noticed as he entered the courtyard that one of the disciples in black robes up on the patio, was crouching on his knees and had a nonstop stream of fire shooting from his hand into the opening at the

any weapon. I just want to condense a weapon," said Zen seriously.

Weapon refining was a complex technology. Zen did not receive systematical training about it so he was not familiar with its first few steps, but the last step, condensation only depended on a weapon refiner's understanding of Heavenly Law. Zen might not have a deep understanding of Heavenly Law. But as he had heavenly essence in hand now, simple condensation should not be difficult for him.

"Heh, heh..." The outer disciple sneered. There was a saying that the difference in professions made one feel worlds apart. The disciples of the thirty-three Peaks were the practitioners of martial arts, not weapon refiners. Of course, it didn't mean that the tens of thousands of disciples from the Peaks could not have a weapon refiner. After all, the world was so big and there would never be a shortage of geniuses. Some of them not only practiced high-level martial arts but also were good at weapon refining.

"I've told you, don't joke with me here, when you are bored and have nothing to do. Just go somewhere else to find some fun. Get out of here, immediately! I need to close the door now!" said the outer disciple, losing his patience and starting driving him out.

Just at the moment, there was a commotion coming from the furnace.

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