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   Chapter 326 The Quenching Peak (Part One)

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Not spending a single piece of cubic crystal and much effort, he now got an unfinished weapon. What good luck he had!

Still, he knew nothing was for free, and sooner or later he would have no choice but to pay when they charged him.

Unlike the last time when Zen bought weapons from here, he realized that neither the shopkeeper named Qi nor the female boss of the Weapon Pavilion were to be regarded as normal people this time.

He wasn't that curious about the shopkeeper, but the woman's strength was powerful, and Zen couldn't detect the peak of her real strength, which made him more curious about just how strong she could be. Adding to her mystique was the fact that she'd raised a Fire spirit which was a very rare creature.

'Here, the Weapon Pavilion, such a small organization to handle weapon dealings, has so powerful people like them. Wow, the Burning Sky Empire is truly a good place with so many hidden talents!' thought Zen.

However, presently, Zen wasn't aware if there was another reason why these two were hiding out in the Weapon Pavilion.

Now that he was aware of them, he would keep a close eye on them.

It was early morning later, when Zen was back at the Cloud Sect, and he saw the peaks were covered with heavy clouds.

He didn't head to Drizzle Peak after passing through the gates into the Cloud Sect.

Instead, he strode toward the back gate, toward Quenching Peak.

Quenching Peak was adjacent to Hell Mountain and not included as one of the thirty-three Peaks.

One of Hell Mountain's active volcanic branches extended to Quenching Peak. It was used to refine weapons for disciples of the Cloud Sect.

Even though Quenching Peak recruited disciples too, it was a place to learn the art of refining weapons, and not to study martial arts.

As such, while the disciples of thirty-three peaks were assessed on their martial arts aptitude, within the Quenching Peak, the disciples' skills in re

n the materials being refined in it would be burned completely, the fires would be extinguished, and no more smoke would rise up into the air above.

Walking along the flat, lower path leading up Quenching Peak, Zen soon saw the many buildings sporting identical roofs. Regardless of how long he had been in the Cloud Sect, it amazed him to see such distinctive steel and stone buildings. He was also left slightly in awe when he reached the top and the first thing he realized was that not even a single building was made of wood.

When he walked up the peak, he asked himself, 'Why aren't there any wooden houses here?' There were two reasons, Quenching Peak was an offshoot, yet, still part of an active volcano, Hell Mountain, which maintained unusually high temperatures year round. The second reason was the inevitability that in the process of weapon refining, sparks would be sent through the air, and a wooden building was nothing more than kindling for a prospective blazing inferno.

Zen had traveled to Quenching Peak in hopes of being permitted to use a refining furnace. He was grateful that it wasn't difficult to find a refining furnace at Quenching Peak. Zen didn't even need to know the way as he had to merely look skyward and make his way towards the rising black smoke.

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