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   Chapter 325 Sword Granting (Part Three)

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The black fire that she witnessed, did not emit any heat. It might have sealed its heat so perfectly that it looked like a flame-like creature instead of a flame itself.

Then again, having this indescribable ability to conceal all of its heat which was supreme, how really powerful could the black fire be?

No one knew for sure, not even its owner Zen.

He just knew that so far, there hadn't been a single thing that the black fire could not destroy. Even those upper scale mysterious weapons that were made of the hardest material in the world, it could just as easily scorch them and dissolve them into heavenly essence before enjoying it. In its eyes, everything was just as soft and weak as candles and it could just easily make them his food.

The silence in the room prevailed. The woman glanced at Zen with a rather pensive look for a moment before she finally resumed, "You just proved that you have a special fire although I am not sure that if it is a fire spirit or what. But anyway, the main question is: how are you not a weapon refiner?" A look of doubt appeared across her elegant face.

"I admit I am not a weapon refiner." Zen smiled in a meek manner and continued, "However, I am very positive that I will be a weapon refiner one day. And I strongly believe that the day will come very soon. And I am pretty sure that I have the ability to refine this sword into a fairy weapon. So do trust my abilities!" His voice was infused with irresistible determination.

It was true that Zen hadn't been able to accumulate all the skills required to be a weapon refiner yet. But the major point of the entire thing was, he had now gathered more heavenly essences than any other person. And everyone knew that heavenly essence was the critical element in the process of refining weapons.

But what seemed funny was now a young man with no weapon refiner's degree or any relevant experience was claiming that he could refine Chase's final work into a fairy weapon. This idea would have inevitably been mocked and teased if this woman had not witnessed his black fire with her own eyes just a few moments back. With her original hope to unmask his lie, now the woman began to hesitate over her decision. She never once considered that she would have to part with the sword. She started to believe that Zen could not be an ordinary, common person with the abilities he just showcased. He seemed to have a more depth of mystery than she thought he possessed.

She recalled the words her mentor had always said when he was alive. 'When could

o matter what, giving such a precious sword to such a young man still seemed like a slack and reckless decision. "But that young fellow is just a…" he paused, not knowing how he should express Zen's level properly. His face was drowning in a confused and querulous look.

"Just a what? A nature creature? So far, I have never been wrong at predicting people's future and judging their character. He might be just a nature creature at the moment, but I don't believe he will be at Cloud Sect forever. Very soon, he will be on his way to the upper level, and when the time comes, the sword we gave him will come in handy as a superior and transformed weapon," she said optimistically. As she spoke, a golden, radiant light shimmered in her large, attentive eyes. She looked as if a gorgeous, elegant peacock that was looking down at the other birds while displaying her enchanting, affectionate demeanor.

"What makes you so confident of his abilities?" inquired Manager Qi. The fear still persisted on his face.

The woman smiled and turned to the furnace. "You were not in the room when the test was carried out and that is why you remain so doubtful about my decision while I have confidence in his abilities. But even now look at the fire spirit in the furnace! I think it would explain everything to you," she humbly requested.

Puzzled, Manager Qi turned to follow the direction of the woman's gaze. To his shock, the fire spirit was trembling violently as if something bad and horror had frightened it.

Manager Qi's face turned pale in astonishment at the sight. It was the first time he saw the fire spirit in such an agitated, frightened state. "Why? What made it so terrified?" he wondered.

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