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   Chapter 320 Green Wave (Part Two)

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As for Chase, he was far better known and respected than Brady because he had made thirteen fairy weapons altogether putting him in a different league all together. Even during the entire course of the Eastern Region's long history, he was the only weapon refiner who was able to make such a significant achievement leaving a legacy.

All of those thirteen weapons were finished at his peak. He did try one last time to make another fairy weapon during his late years, but he had already run out of his great talent.

These three swords in front of Zen were Chase's last attempts at making a fairy weapon during his final days.

He exhausted the remaining inspiration and strength to make these three swords before he eventually died. Some strongly believed that he would have lived for several more years had he not exerted himself.

Zen pulled the sword lightly, and the sharp edge of the sword popped out of its sheath, it was that light and fast.

"Shiiiiiing! Vzzzzt..."

The green edge kept shaking, almost emitting strong vibrations, after it was pulled out of the sheath. Its ringing sound carried itself to the entire space around them, and it sounded refreshing and pleasing as a fairy playing a zither.

Zen lifted the sword and observed its movement casually. Its thin edge was so crystal clear that he could see through it. Everything he saw through this weapon was tinted green.

"It's a good sword," he praised as he admired the perfect piece of weapon.

Zen had a somewhat broad knowledge of weapons because he had visited the weapon house in White Emperor City, not to mention the fairy palace too. Even so, he couldn't help but feel amazed at the brilliance and slender nature of this beautiful sword.

The shopkeeper smiled as he spoke out, "It surely is. Its raw material is the wings of the golden cicadas which give its colour and strength."

The golden cicada was one of level seven beasts. It was almost

lion for 70, 000 cubic crystals at an auction. The crystal core could be used to strengthen the power of the fire generated by a weapon refiner or a pill refiner's life energies.

The main materials of the Green Wave were the wings of the golden cicadas which were close to the fire scorpion lions in their ranks. According to ranks of the beasts, the golden cicadas' wings might only be a bit cheaper than the crystal cores of fire scorpion lions.

Furthermore, the golden cicadas' wings still required more processes and refinement before they were finally transformed into the mighty Green Wave, not to mention that it was made by the famous Chase. To be honest, now after analyzing everything, Zen felt that this weapon was being sold at a very cheap rate.

As he was not prepared to make such an investment, he didn't bring so many cubic crystals with him, but that wasn't a problem.

With the Blessed Draft Bank token that Wurth had given him, he could pay his bills on credit. As for the cubic crystals he needed to pay here, he knew that Wurth would handle it for him after he told him about the figure.

He was not worried because he still had fifty drops of heavenly essence in Wurth's hand, and those were worth much more than several dozens of thousand cubic crystals.

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