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   Chapter 317 The Search For The Best Weapon

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When the others saw Nory's reaction, they understood his excitement. Nory said to Zen, "You're right! As long as I am alive, I have a chance to avenge my father's death!"

Seeing Nory fired up immediately, Zen smiled and said, "That's right! Use that as a motivation for cultivation!"

Wurth and Sean smiled at each other. They both admired Zen's charm to encourage Nory to fight back.

"Hey! Have you eaten enough at the Mo house?" Nina scoffed as she was being ignored for a while now.

Wurth touched his fat belly, shook his head and replied, "Of course not! I haven't had a bite of food for a while. Where can we get a meal now?"

"I didn't eat anything either. Why don't we find a place to have a meal?" said Nina.

"Sounds good! Count me in!" Sean said as he raised his hands above his head.

After the battle between Zen and James, everyone was hungry and all they wanted to do was to find a restaurant to eat in.

There were many business districts in the Imperial Capital, and it would be difficult to navigate one's self in the Imperial Capital. Luckily, Nina, Wurth, and Nory all grew up in the capital and they were familiar with the business districts. In no time, they all figured out the best restaurant and headed there.

While having their meal, Nory drank a lot of wine but was still sober. The more he drank, the more active and lively he became. It had been a while since they all gathered for a meal despite all being in the Drizzle Peak. So, as they were enjoying a meal, they all chatted until midnight.

When they were about to finish, Nina's cheeks were noticeably turning red from the alcohol she consumed. She wore her long, ebony hair loose that fell on her shoulders like a waterfall. The curly bangs covered her forehead like a cloud. She looked almost like a beautiful fairy in the pictures.

Nature creatures usually had high resistance to alcohol especially when they deliberately controlled themselves.

But perhaps Nina was happy to meet Zen that she drank a little too much. The two girls who came with her had already walked behind Sean and Nory as they chatted with each other.

Meanwhile Nina and Zen walked together side by side.

Although it was already late in the evening, the nightlife in the Imperial Capital had just begun. Lanterns on the roof of the pavilions lightened the street as if it was daytime. People who walked along the road cast long shadows over the ground.

Zen could not help but notice the charming appearance of Nina and her beautiful face under the moonlight. He felt his heart beat faster the longer he stared at her.

"Hey, you haven't answered me yet. Why didn't you come to my peak and play with me?" Nina asked again. Given Nina's noble identity, it wasn't fit for her to say such things. However, she was happy and slightly drunk at the same time – which was obviously not the right mix.

This was how Nina usually behaved when she liked someone – that guy would be stuck in her mind for a long time.

But when she was sober, she could not dare ask Zen this question. Alcohol could make Nina pluck up enough courage to speak to Zen and that was why she had too much wine that nigh

ong, it could only be used in sneak attacks.

It was not a good idea to use the broken flying knife to fight against people in face-to-face combat.

At that time, the All Peaks Competition was about to take place.

The All Peaks Competition would bring together all the elite disciples of the Cloud Sect, and there was no shortage of powerful geniuses.

And Zen had been preparing for this competition all along.

Fortunately, the All Peaks Competition would be held after the Chinese New Year, so there was plenty of time for Zen to prepare.

As for the weapon, Zen had to find the best one to use.

The conventional weapons were hacking knives and swords. In the Eastern Region, most of the people preferred swords to knives.

Swords were deemed to be the best among all kinds of weapons. They could be used to hack and stab, and the cultivation books had more swordsmanship methods than any other skills.

The knives, on the other hand, were also a handful. They couldn't be used to thrust someone, but they were more powerful since their blades were thicker.

But aside from knives and swords, other choices of weapons were bows, hammers, axes, spears, and so on.

Considering for a moment, Zen eventually decided to use a sword.

He remembered that his father once used a top-grade mysterious sword called the Green Wind Rider Sword. Unfortunately, it got lost.

Since his father used a sword, he believed he was also equipped to handle the said weapon.

After finally determining what weapon he wanted, Zen rushed to the Weapon Pavilion.

The business of Weapon Pavilion was booming as usual.

When Zen went inside, the waiters didn't pay attention to him. But the middle-aged shopkeeper who attended to him last time noticed him, his face lit up.

Last time Zen was there, he bought more than two hundred swords. That impressed the middle-aged shopkeeper and he remembered Zen since then.

The deal had brought the middle-aged shopkeeper a considerable amount of commission.

So when he saw Zen again, he couldn't contain his happiness and hurried to greet Zen.

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