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   Chapter 316 What’s Holding You Back

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A cunning smile crossed James' face. As expected, his nephew was so easy to fool. He resumed his usual noble manner and gracefully said, "Then, today... "

"Wait!" Nina stepped forward and cut James off.

James frowned at the sight of Nina. Since he became the master of the Mo Clan, he had never met anyone who dared to interrupt him, until today. He was already quite annoyed when he was interrupted by these young people earlier. But at the sight of Nina, he tried to stay calm and asked, "Miss Zhu, what's the matter?"

"You almost killed Zen. Do you want to explain that?"

Most of the women tended to be petty and vengeful if they were offended. And Nina wasn't a gentle one and it was impossible for her not to bear grudges.

It was true that James almost killed Zen, and it was something that Nina would never tolerate.

James' face darkened. He already lost his face today, but Nina was still pushing and had no intention to stop. James looked sullen. "Miss Zhu, I stand with what I said earlier that we were all to blame for what happened. It was a misunderstanding, and if you really think that I overdid it, please don't take it to heart," said he.

Nina sneered, "I have warned you not to do anything rashly, but have you taken it to heart? If it wasn't for Uncle Chand, would you really stop? So tell me, do you really think that I could just shake it off?"

"Does Miss Zhu really want to dwell on it?" James retorted sullenly, feeling cornered.

"Yes, I do," Nina replied calmly.

"You really want to push it too far!" James had put up with her for so long but finally burst into anger as he couldn't hold his temper anymore. As the master of the Mo Clan, he had never felt so humiliated and he couldn't just let a young woman have her way all the time. He couldn't just tolerate her pushing him to this extent.

At this moment, Chand who was floating in the air said with a gentle smile, "Since Nina is still not satisfied with it, I'm here to help her." He then looked at Nina and continued, "Nina, please tell me what you want me to do."

Nina was about to tell Chand to give James a lesson, but she was stopped by Yetta who stood beside her and dragged her cuff.

Yetta's face looked pale as she pleaded in a faint voice, "Nina, please let my uncle go. Could you drop this matter and let it be?"

Yetta was the niece of James and Nina's best friend. She was caught in the middle of this situation.

Nina's heart softened by Yetta's pleading face. Finally, Nina sighed and said to Chand, "Uncle Chand, forget it. Let's not further discuss this matter."

Chand bore no resentment towards James. Since Nina gave the word, he had no reason to disagree. He flashed a cunning smile, then the ice crystals around him began to float until they covered all his body and he soon flew away.

Nory had gotten his father's blood jade bracelet, thus there was no reason for him to stay here any longer. He said, "Zen, it's time to go!"

Zen nodded and motioned for Wurth and Sean to leave.

Wurth said something to Tyson, and then Tyson followed him with the wood cutter in his hand.


So, they put their trust in Zen and didn't interrupt. They chose to remain silent and watch how things would turn out. But if Nory would take Zen's words literally and decide to kill himself, they wouldn't just stand there and watch. They would stop him from committing suicide.

At this time, Zen smiled and said, "I was starting to think that you're a coward. Turned out you have more courage than I thought!"

Nory glanced at Zen in confusion and asked curiously, "Courage? When did you see me have that courage?"

"You're not afraid to die. You're not even afraid to kill yourself. What else would you fear? What's holding you back? If you dared to ask James in his face, he could try and kill you with his sword. But what could be worse than that?" Zen fired a battery of questions at him. "If you are not afraid of death, you'd better go all out to improve yourself. When you are strong enough, you can confront James and ask him. What else could he do to you? Since you already didn't care whether you live or die, why not die trying?"

Nory's heart suddenly beat faster after hearing Zen's homily.

He might be a soft young man who rolled up with punches, but he was full of stamina and determination to succeed. Otherwise, he wouldn't have entered the Cloud Sect even with Zen's help.

Nory knew that Zen was right all along. Life was a long and miserable journey. It was a pity if he would die in misery. He'd rather try and fail than fail without trying. The worst that could happen to him was death.

Those words were like a door of hope to Nory. He was not an ambitious man. In fact, he entered the Cloud Sect only to fulfill his daily task in practice perfunctorily and didn't even put on much effort during his free time.

But things had changed for Nory. His goal now was to trample Yates underfoot and question James in the face about his father's death. And the success of his goal heavily relied on his strength.

His eyes brightened with determination as he thought more about it. He clenched his fist, and his body trembled with excitement.

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