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   Chapter 312 The Counter Attack (Part Two)

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While James pondered over killing Zen or not, Zen acted first against him.

"The flying knife? I don't fear it at all. It means nothing to me," James blurted out arrogantly.

Just as he said it, he saw the broken flying knife heading towards him. Like a reflex, he lifted his long blue sword up and chopped up the weapon.

Although James' blue sword was made from his life vitality, it was as mighty as a fairy weapon as it had absorbed loads of heavenly essence.

In addition, James used his Ruin Sword when he chopped up the broken flying knife.

The chopping manifested James' unique and skilled swordsmanship as his long blue sword landed on the very center of the knife.

It was what he thought at first--that he could chop Zen's knife into two halves with his powerful sword.

But when his own weapon touched Zen's knife, it was immediately shattered broken.

"How is this possible? My sword was produced from my life vitality and it's even comparable to a fairy weapon. How could a broken flying knife destroy my sword?" mumbled James in shock.

Never could he have expected that Zen's broken flying knife would be so strong. As he watched his life vitality-based long sword get chopped into two by a knife, he was stunned agape.

The long sword was as hard as a low-grade fairy weapon. How was it possible that his sword was cleaved by a defective knife? The idea was still totally unbelievable for James even as it happened right in front of his eyes.

Still, the broken flying knife worked fast. As soon as the long sword was destroyed, it went straight for James' head.

In any other situation, it would be a piece of cake for James to escape such an attack, but James was still shocked by what had just happened to his weapon. While he was standing in a daze, lost in his defeated thoughts, Zen's knife dashed right for James' head.

As James snapped out of the daze,

iate Messager again, wondering why the Zhu family hadn't arrived yet. Something in the air made her feel anxious.

Even Yetta, who stood beside her, turned ghastly pale as well.

As a female member of the family, she didn't have any right to speak. On one hand, she hoped that her uncle would remain safe and unharmed against Zen, but on the other hand, it was clear to her how huge the trouble her uncle would cause to the Mo family if he continued to act willfully and arbitrarily. Perhaps Yetta's uncle still wanted to bet on a chance. In his opinion, Nina was only a female member of the Zhu family, so he concluded that her family wouldn't really lay hands on the Mo family only because of her.

However, as Nina's best friend, Yetta knew her well. There was no doubt that Nina would absolutely not let James go if Zen was truly killed.

Given that, she wondered what she should do.

"You son of a bitch. You looked for trouble deliberately, so you can't put the blame on anyone else," James retorted as his face turned grim. In the meantime, Ruin Sword suddenly beamed with a much brighter, brilliant blue light.


Lifting his fake fairy weapon, James pointed his Ruin Sword at Zen, swaying it up and down for four consecutive times.

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