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   Chapter 309 The Threat From Wurth (Part One)

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At the moment, Zen had no plans of backing off. It did not matter whether it was Yates or James that he had to face. It was simply out of the question.

The reason why he did not back was simple. He was confident in his own strength.

However, when he saw the sword energy trying to destroy him, he could not help but start to retreat.

It was not out of fear though. He was simply not a fool or a coward. After all, his body, which was a spiritual weapon, possessed a defensive power much stronger than that of an ordinary warrior.

On the other hand, the opponent was a master at the Illuminating Soul Realm.

What he had in his hand was a fairy weapon, and no one would wish to be at the receiving end of the sword energy!

The sword energy did not have high speed at the beginning. In fact, it had the same pace as ordinary people who aimlessly trotted. However, after it focused on Zen as the target, its velocity greatly increased all of a sudden.

The sword energy brought a baby blue shadow in the air, and then it tried to cut Zen at an incredibly high speed.

It was rapid, indeed, but Zen was not slow either.

Moving backward, he swung a fist at the sword energy.

A part of him had hoped that the Heavenly Ogre Fist could counteract the power of the sword energy.

At that moment, he gave it his best shot and unceasingly tried to subdue his opponent's power. Each time he swung his fist, a dark purple fist shadow dashed towards the sword energy.

With the power of the Phoenix Crystal, he made dozens of fist shadows in an instant.

To his great surprise, however, the first fist shadow that had struck the sword energy went through it directly. The sword energy was unscathed.

'It's useless?'

When Zen realized that his attack did not affect the sword energy, he felt a pang of disappointment.

. Regardless, they could not deny thinking that it was impossible.

"Bang, bang!"

The violent clash appeared continuously from the side of the wall. It appeared that Zen had run through so many walls just to dodge the sword energy.

At this time, Nina could not stand it anymore. Creasing her beautiful brows lightly, she tried to calm down and then spoke to James,"Master Mo, Zen is just a junior and has said something unpleasant to hear, but he doesn't deserve to die. Please forgive him."

At that moment, James still held up the long sword and pointed out the direction of the sword's tip with his fingers. When he was controlling the sword energy to chase Zen, he saw that it was almost about to kill him, but the man managed to run away because of Nina's interruption.

However, James was not anxious. If this sword energy could not kill Zen, James would have wasted so many years cultivating.

When James heard Nina's words, he smiled casually,"Since he has said something wrong, he needs to pay the price. I am just teaching him a lesson."

James was unwilling to let the man go. Although he said he was simply teaching Zen a lesson, how could the man stay alive if the sword energy chopped his body?

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