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   Chapter 308 Pseudo Fairy Weapon (Part Two)

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Zen was certain that James was not simply turning his life vitality into a sword. Just now, when the weapons melted into his life vitality and formed a vortex, a hint of milky-white color could be seen. It was… Heavenly essence! Zen gazed in the direction of the heavenly essence looming in the vortex, his eyebrows snapping together.

Heavenly essence was not easy to obtain. When a weapon refiner was about to temper a weapon, he could come to realize a few earthly and heavenly rules, that then could be used to forge the weapons.

The more superior a weapon was, the larger number of heavenly laws it contained.

So far, he knew of many weapon refiners in the Burning Sky Empire who had a knack for deciphering the Heavenly Law, and refining mysterious and spiritual weapons with it.

But there was only one person who had the ability to disintegrate a weapon and extract the heavenly essence from it—it was Zen himself.

Zen could get his hands on the heavenly essence using the black fire in his mind to melt a weapon.

How could James create it so easily?

The weapons he had thrown at Zen were not real; they were virtual ones formed with the help of his life vitality. Did James obtain the heavenly essence by dissolving the virtual weapons made out of his life vitality?

No, absolutely not. Impossible!

If James really could work such wonders, the Mo Clan wouldn't have collapsed into a decline.

Zen assumed that the heavenly essence he was seeing was not the real deal. It was something James had summoned through his life vitality—an element of illusion. It was definitely not the same thing as the heavenly essence Zen had.

Even so, Zen still marveled at the technique. Those qualified to enter the Illuminating Soul Realm must undoubtedly have e

s head, he slashed down at Zen.

At his movement, the tip of the sword morphed into the shape of a crescent moon. It was the sword energy.


As soon as the sword energy materialized, it rushed at Zen with formidable power.

"Watch out!" Nina cried out anxiously. The moment she saw the sword energy, her heart had leaped into her mouth. She wondered why none of her clansmen had come yet, when she had already sent for them through the Immediate Messenger.

The fairy weapon was a lot more powerful than the spiritual weapon. Although the sword energy looked ordinary, it came at Zen with fierce strength. If Zen failed to avoid the attack, he would probably be hacked into two pieces.

Nina placed her hand on her small jade box with hesitation. She was not sure if she should help Zen in this fight.

Wurth's eyebrows furrowed. James had no shame! How could he act like this under the gaze of so many others? James was a nature creature with extraordinary strength. It surprised Wurth that he used such a ruthless trick to charge at Zen.

His actions were no less shameless than an adult going all out to fight a child!

Could Zen get away this time?

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