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   Chapter 306 A Great Many Weapons

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Zen pulled the spear out, swinging it at Yates's head dangerously as he stepped forward.

The latter, however, was completely dumbfounded. He stood in shock and forgot to defend himself. All his arrogance, his resolve, and his confidence melted before Zen.

But suddenly, just as the spear was about to slam into Yates, a surge of blue vitality contorted into a protective shield, standing erect before him.

The spear hit the blue shield heavily with a clang.

The shield was so strong that it did not crack, instead, its strong counter-force had the spear shooting back to Zen.

Zen moved aside to avoid the spear and immediately took advantage of the counter-force to throw the weapon at the shield once again.

Clang, clang, clang!

The spear hit the shield seven or eight times in a row, but its blue surface did not crack. Zen tossed the weapon to the ground as his lips twisted into an unruffled smirk. His eyes shot to the man behind Yates.

The man behind Yates, responsible for blocking Zen's attack, was James Mo—Yates's father.

"Kid, you've already one-upped my son. Why do you keep attacking him?" James's voice was as frosty as ice.

Admittedly, James admired Zen a lot, for he possessed a strength far beyond the first grade of nature level that he belonged to. In the future, Zen would continue to progress leaps and bounds, and perhaps no one would be able to stop his rise.

However, he was also on Nory's side, which meant that he was James's enemy. James could not let Zen have his way.

"Why not? All his attacks against me were lethal to my life, so why can't I attack him in return? As a father, you have let your son so loose that he has become vicious to others! How do you still have the face to blame me? It's laughable!" Zen's words were derisive, and a lop-sided smile rested on his lips.

James flushed with embarrassments. How dared Zen insult the Mo family in front of so many guests?

They might not be big names, and most of them were not even refiners, but they had a reputation and entertained close relationships with the Mo clan.

James clenched his jaw in rage. He was a master of the Illuminating Soul Realm. He would not just stand here and be called names by a boy who was only at the first grade of nature level!

"It's none of your business how I educate my son! How dare you run amok in my own house! My son hasn't done anything to you." As an elder, James tried to sound reasonable and wise, but his tone betrayed his anger. Deep inside, he couldn't wait to get his hands on the flippant young man.

"He hasn't done anything? And I'm the one troubling people? You are ridiculous. I came to this gathering because I was invited by my friend, Nory. How is that running amok? It's your son who has been looking to find trouble with Nory from the beginning. And you! You took Nory's heirloom and refused to return it to him. You're the head of your clan, so isn't it you who is running amok by condoning that kind of behavior?" Zen snapped at him sharply, his nostrils flaring with anger.

Nory gaped at Zen. Listening to his friend defend him, his heart soared. He was lucky he could count Zen as a buddy.

Nory almost burst into tears before the audience.

alm, he must give his best and not employ any carelessness.

Suddenly, Wurth frowned, knowing it would be hard for Zen to defeat a master of the Illuminating Soul Realm, given his current nature level. Wurth slipped his hand under his clothes and put one finger on the token on his chest, stroking it. An invisible wave began spreading out.

Unbeknownst to him, someone else had taken up the same action. That person, of course, was Nina.

'This guy! He really runs headfirst into trouble at every turn. How is it that he started a battle against the clan leader, at whose house he only came for a meal?' Nina curled her lips sardonically. However, she was still pretty proud of what her love had done.

After all, how many nature creatures were willing to lock horns with a master of the Illuminating Soul Realm?

So far, she only knew of Zen who had the courage to do that.

Moreover, he was only at the first grade of nature level.

With further training, he would be promoted to the ultimate grade of nature level, and be able to defeat every refiner of the Illuminating Soul Realm.

She knew Zen was capable of doing that, but it still worried her.

James was not weak. He was a lot more powerful than Hugh.

At once, she unclasped the Immediate Messenger in her hand to ensure Zen's safety.

The Imperial City in the Burning Sky Empire occupied a massive area, but it took only a second for the masters of the Illuminating Soul Realm to arrive.

Meanwhile, James launched an attack at Zen.

His cultivation method was superior. Usually, refiners could transform their life vitality into only one weapon.

If they preferred to use swords, their life vitality morphed into swords. Most of them chose to do so to improve their strengths.

As for Hugh, he preferred to transform his life vitality into a Five-clawed Golden Dragon.

In contrast, James transformed his life vitality into a number of weapons.

Bola, chopper, and darts of different shapes and sizes...

The various weapons were pitched into the air. They followed their trajectories and hurtled at Zen from all directions, allowing him no room to escape.

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