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   Chapter 305 Stay Calm

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In a concealed manner, Yates tried to show off his skill in front of the cheering crowd. He gathered his life vitality and injected it right into the spear rod. Then while charging great power into the spear point, he rushed right at Zen.

"Wow, Yates has made progress again! Look, his spear's strength has grown by two inches when compared to earlier."

"Yates is such a gifted and talented man! He just became an inner disciple, however, his competence has been increased at a horrible pace!"

"The man hailing from Drizzle Peak is going to have a bad day. Yates seems to be showing no signs of mercy. All of the twelve stabs were pointed right at the vital parts of the young man!"

The disciples of Egret Peak, brought here by Yates, were discussing in a low voice.

Since they were all practitioners and also inner disciples of Egret Peak, they knew each other quite well.

Nory, Sean and Wurth had stepped aside and they didn't seem to be worried about Zen at all.

And their confidence in him was justified. As since they met, Zen had left quite an impression by defeating rivals with higher cultivation level. So the truth of judging competence by cultivation level didn't apply for Zen.

Even with this said, they had no idea about how powerful Zen actually was and what kind of masters he could defeat with the power he possessed. But at least, they knew that in the end the one who underestimated Zen would most definitely suffer a great deal.

Zen stood still for quite a while. He smiled indifferently as he spotted Yates stabbing at him with all his strength.

Yates was extraordinarily fast in wielding his spear. It was rare for a practitioner at the fourth grade of nature level to have reached such a high speed.

However, that was just how the average person saw and understood it.

As far as Zen was concerned, Yates' speed was nothing at all. At the most it felt like a slap on the wrist.

He stabbed towards Zen twelve times in a split second and all these aims were pointing and positioned right at Zen's critical parts, which would maim him.

Zen knew that even though Yates' speed was extremely fast, the twelve stabs couldn't reach him at the same time, so he had adequate time to dodge the spear and make a defensive move.

As the twelve points approached Zen, he suddenly moved and disappeared into a blur.

"It seems he got stabbed! Go to hell!" Yates cried out in his heart with joy as he wore a vicious smile. He was excited at the thought of actually hitting Zen, like a dart board. 'Even if you're admired by Nina, so what? It doesn't matter, you're dead!' he thought gleefully.

However, to Yates' surprise, nothing had turned out in his favor.

Not a single one of his twelve stabs had even brushed Zen let alone hit him.

In fact, he just realized that all twelve of his thrusts had aimed at Zen's shadow, not Zen.

He wouldn't be surprised if he had hit Zen's shadow only several times, but how could he have missed all the targets?

It was impossible! Zen shouldn't have reached such an outrageous speed!

It was no wonder that Yates stabbed so fast. After all, his spear was feather light and the tier-4 cultivation method he used was powerful enough to pierce through a brick wall.

Yet the stabs missed the aim, so the real question was how Zen moved so fast and how he kept dodging each and every different-angled stab coming at him in such a hig

, his son Yates had lost his temper now. His spear's strength now appeared even longer, thicker and more powerful than before.

However, this didn't help him to speed up, but yet again slowed him down. Furthermore, instead of being specific, he had begun to stab aimlessly.

'Yates is no match for that young man. They're not even in the same level in competence, ' James thought to himself as he watched the duel.

Zen was still shuttling back and forth at an extremely high speed in gusts of spear waves.

After thrusting about forty-five stabs, Yates finally realized that no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't hit the target, not when it was Zen. Then with a roar, he waved his spear and used a sweep strike towards Zen as a last bid.

"I don't believe you will be able to dodge my attack this time!" Yates shouted in a hoarse voice.

However, Zen didn't dodge at all, but instead reached out and grabbed the spear rod.

Yates tried to draw his spear out of Zen's hand, but only realized that the spear didn't move at all, as if it was cemented in Zen's hand.

It was only now he had realized that Zen's strength was much greater than his.

'What level has he reached?'

Yates wondered. His eyes were filled with horror. Zen was not only much faster than him, but his strength too was incredibly high. How could a practitioner at the first grade of nature level be so extremely powerful? God was so unfair!

In Yates' view, a practitioner's competence should be proportional to the level he had reached to ensure fairness.

He knew that cultivation level didn't mean everything, but at least, it should be an important reference. Otherwise, there was no need to rank practitioners.

However, the principle of grading practitioners according to their competence didn't seem to work for Zen, not one bit!

Zen grabbed Yates' spear rod and suddenly shook his hand slightly. Yates immediately felt a violent vibration flowing through from the spear rod.

Zen had learned the vibration skill from the Murlocs in the Lake of the Magical Fish. When Zen shook his hand, the light spear rod began to vibrate in a similar manner.

Yates felt his hands grow numb with the raging vibration and now he was unable to hold his spear for a moment longer.

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