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   Chapter 301 The Mixed Element Blood Bracelet (Part One)

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Nina didn't want to sit at the table Yates arranged for her, so, she led her friends over to the table where Zen and the others were seated. There they all chatted amicably.

Sean, Nory and Wurth talked with them joyfully.

Females weren't allowed to be too close to men in Eastern Region, but they didn't need to be restrained at a reunion for the noble clans. The tinkling laughter resounded from their table now and then.

It had to be said that Nory was a perpetual optimist. Even after being bullied by everyone after coming back home, he still talked and laughed happily. It was as though he'd forgotten the distasteful events from just a few moments ago. From time to time, he shared a joke that made one or more of the female disciples double over in laughter.

In no time at all, after greeting other guests at several tables, James led Yates over to the ladies.

James smiled at Nina as he greeted her, "Miss Zhu, I am honored that you were able to attend the feast of Mo Mansion today!"

James' polite pretensions towards Nina were excessive.

As the head of the Mo Clan, James was a formidable man, and along with the influence his family wielded, he was also quite important within the ranks of the Illuminating Soul Realm. So, even though Nina was the beloved daughter of the Zhu Clan, there was no need for him to be this polite.

When someone was overly courteous to others to this degree, there was an ulterior motive.

In this case, a blind man could have seen the reason.

He knew his son, Yates was infatuated with Nina.

News of this sort was handled delicately between the noble clans. James was clear that although the Mo Clan had declined, if they could claim kinship ties to the Zhu Clan, it wouldn't be too difficult to

e liquid.

Rather than being helpful, the liquid was instead harmful to humans. The poison was hidden inside the red fluid. If a human was near it for any length of time, the toxin would affect him. A victim's face blackened, boils festered covering the body before an agonizing death. So, any ordinary people wouldn't dare go to Snow Mountain when it was due to blow its stack.

Only a nature creature could procure the fresh red liquid while avoiding the lethal toxins.

These nature creatures risked life and limb travelling to Snow Mountain to acquire the mixed element blood jade, which spurted from deep within Snow Mountain when it erupted.

But, the mountain didn't give the treasures up easily, and there were only a few dozens to a few hundred of the mixed element blood jades to be found when the Snow Mountain erupted each year. Most nature creatures just relied on good fortune, determining that if none were found, it was simply poor luck, but, if one or two mixed element blood jades were found, it was very lucky. The cost of mixed element blood jades was so steep, that if only one were found, the nature creature would become wealthy overnight.

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