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   Chapter 300 James Mo (Part Two)

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How much strength did a demon general have? Yates and his friends had never been to the trial of slaying demons, but they had heard a number of tales about demon generals. At Egret Peak, the disciples who qualified to fight them ranked among at least the top fifty of the inner disciples.

As for actually killing a demon general, they had not heard of any inner disciple at Egret Peak who had managed to do so.

However, since they had not seen Zen slay demon generals with their own eyes, and since what the female disciples were gushing about was hardly believable, it was debatable that Zen had really killed some.

Even if Zen's strength was really in line with his realm at the first grade of nature level, a show of Yates's antagonism right in front of Nina would be quite irrational. It would gain him the opposite of what he wanted. Not only would it make him an unfavorable person in Nina's eyes, but also, it would make her outright hate him.

At his friend's warning, Yates relaxed his fists. He understood that it would be unwise to make an enemy of Zen right now. Today, the Mo family was hosting a party, and if he got into a fight with Zen, the event was likely to fall through.

'I'll hold myself back for the time being, and after the party is over, I will deal with you, Zen!' Yates swore to himself. And Nory, how could he bring home this troublesome boy? He was courting death. Yates silently told himself to endure this until he finally got the chance to get back at Nory too. Watching Nina smile at Zen bashfully, Yates felt his heart break into pieces and bleed. Imperceptibly, he tightened his fists again, his fingernails digging deep into the flesh of his palms and gouging a few wounds.

Zen's soul was far more sent

peror City, but also he killed masters of equal strength inside the fairy palace.

Although Zen was aware that there was a gap between his true strength and that of a master of the Illuminating Soul Realm, he had also come to understand that the chasm could be overcome in other ways.

"Yates," James Mo said, patting Yates on the shoulder. Then he looked over to his guests. "I am deeply honored to have each of you present at the Mo family gathering. Please forgive me if you don't find the arrangements to your liking."

"You're much too modest, Master Mo!"

"It's an honor to be invited, Master Mo. You should have no reason to say otherwise."

Not all the guests present belonged to the noble clans. True nobility would not be caught dead attending a mediocre party such as this one.

Although the Mo family was on the verge of decline, it was yet a noble clan. Besides, many others depended on this family for their survival, so most of the guests were perfectly courteous toward James Mo.

With the polite remark, James Mo took his son around to greet the guests.

The people sitting at Zen's table were engaged in animated discussions.

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