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   Chapter 299 James Mo (Part One)

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Sean and Nory were not as surprised as Wurth.

Upon seeing Zen, this dainty, pretty girl complained that he did not visit her! Zen must have a lot of charm to bewitch her like this.

'When exactly did Zen meet Nina?' they wondered. 'Did they meet at the trial for slaying demons?'

"Hey, Zen, won't you give us an introduction? Is this your girlfriend?" Sean, who was older than Zen, teased him.

Nory was more flippant and straightforward. He straightened and gave Nina a solemn salute. "How are you, Zen's girlfriend?"

"Don't say nonsense!" Nina rebuked him, but her face broke into a flush. She didn't really seem to mind how Zen's friends addressed her.

Zen's friends were quite perceptive, so how could they not make out what that blush meant? Generally speaking, it was a universal sign indicating that a girl harbored a crush on a guy.

"Okay, fine! I won't talk nonsense anymore. I will reserve calling you that for the future!" Nory responded, casting Yates a short, casual look. Nory was naive but not ignorant. Yates had been particularly attentive to Nina ever since she walked in. As per what Nory observed, Yates obviously held some kind of affection for her. The more he teased Nina about Zen, the more dispirited and indignant Yates got.

"Humph!" Nina gave a snort and wrinkled her nose in chagrin. She turned to her friends, calling them from a distance. "Girls... Come here. I want to introduce you to someone. This is Zen Luo!"

Hearing this, a few girls came up to her, huddling and checking out Zen from head to toe with their wide, pretty eyes. They immediately launched into a stream of comments.

"So, this is Zen! No wonder you always talk about him, Nina. Listening to you describe him

tion rose in his chest and took hold of him. Yates felt his strength slip away from him. Why was this happening to him?

Yates's friends, who stood around him, also grew gloomy and resentful.

They were well aware that Yates wanted to pursue Nina. However, judging from what was happening before them, things were not unfolding as they had hoped for.

Suddenly, Yates clenched his fists, a fierce look flashing across his eyes. A mad thought occurred to him. 'I will kill Zen by any and all means!'

Noticing his grim appearance, a friend next to him pressed his hand on his fist and shook his head slowly. "Yates, calm down," he said to him in a hushed voice. "Zen is unusual and very strong. It wouldn't be a good idea to come to blows with him."

Yates certainly could not kill Zen here.

Zen did seem powerful. The momentum that he unleashed was astonishing. Although he was only at the first grade of nature level, the disciples of the Cloud Sect knew that the realm was sometimes inconsistent when it came to strength. Moreover, according to what the female disciples surrounding Zen just said, he had killed some demon generals!

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