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   Chapter 293 Reputation (Part One)

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Wurth took the heavenly essences from Zen and delicately stuffed them into a beautiful emerald ring which was carefully on the ring finger of his left hand. It was a space ring.

When it was done, Wurth sighed and spoke out, "There will be an uproar if so many heavenly essences are sold in the Imperial Capital."

Heavenly essence was precious and immensely valuable because it could be applied to the weapons directly.

For example, a top-grade spiritual weapon could have qualitative changes if enough heavenly essences were applied to it. There was even a possibility of producing a fairy weapon from it.

Although considerable time and effort was required and lots of heavenly essences were consumed, the fairy weapon deserved it. Its holder would make huge profits even after the making costs were taken into account.

That explained why the heavenly essence was so valuable.

Wurth stopped practicing his martial arts and took off his heavy load suit. They returned to the main peak where they were to meet Sean and Nory.

"Zen and Wurth, I was looking for you," said Nory. He flashed a warm smile at them.

"What's up?" asked Zen. He felt confused.

Wurth patted Zen on his shoulder as he smiled, "Oh so, have you forgotten? A few days ago Nory very clearly mentioned that a party would be held among his clan men. He invited us to this party," Wurth replied.

Zen came from a humble clan which was even inferior to Mo Clan.

Therefore, he had very little knowledge about the great noble clans, their conventions or even norms.

However, Wurth had a better understanding of everything, and simply sympathized with Nory who felt helpless and sad living under the burden of a noble clan's name.

"I have been quite busy recently and almost forgot about this gathering. I must apologize. Will the party be held today?" asked Zen.

Nory nodded and answered

. All of the guests were respected and esteemed members of the society. The butler had to make sure that they were satisfied with the service. So, he worked hard to please everyone. The smile on his face was professional and his manners were perfect.

However, when he saw Nory and his group, his behavior suddenly changed. His fake smile disappeared, and instead he wore an arrogant and scornful look. "Young master, why are you back?"

Nory too evidently never liked this butler. Since his mother died, this mansion was no longer his home. In response to the butler's cold question, Nory answered, "What's wrong? So are you telling me that I shouldn't come back home today?"

The butler shook his head and responded, "You really misunderstood what I was saying. However, you're an outer disciple of the Cloud Sect now. Whether you come back home or not isn't important any more. Ha-ha," the butler chuckled nervously.

The butler emphasized on the words "outer disciple". He actually meant that even though the Mo Family was declining, they still didn't think highly of any outer disciple of the Cloud Sect or care. Besides, he warned that Nory would be a big fool to think that his position at the Mo Family had changed even the slightest bit.

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