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   Chapter 288 Kite Skydeck (Part One)

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While sitting up straight in the room, cross-legged, he eyed the Sun Moon Stars Picture before him with the utmost attention.

These past few days, he had not been to the Lake of the Magical Fish, as his points were just not enough.

It was during his journey to the south when he collected most of his points.

After he killed the blade locusts and acquired the crystal core from the queen blade locust, the points he had obtained became the envy of all the outer disciples of Cloud Sect.

Indeed, thousands of points was a huge number for any outer disciple. It did not cost him much if he only used them for some healing drugs and vitality cultivation elixir, which could help him in the practice.

Even when he went to the Heavenly Library once, it only took him a hundred points.

However, if an inner disciple used these points for practice, they could last for ten days or half a month at most.

If truth be told, Cloud Sect's points and rewards system was actually more than practical.

If one wanted to go to the certain places where he could practice and improve his strength rapidly, he had to help the Cloud Sect accomplish many tasks. Then, the points they obtained from the tasks could be used in practice again.

In the beginning, he had hoped to earn millions of points in a short time. However, after enduring many things, he now realized how naive he had been. The reality was, he did not only have to earn points, but he also had to use them to do other things. If things were to carry on at such a slow speed, collecting millions of points was going to be impossible.

Besides obtaining the points through accomplishing tasks, there was another way, which was to buy points with cubic crystals. Usually, two cubic c

tract less trouble as possible.

Other than Wurth, however, Zen could not think of anyone else whom he could trust with such a delicate favor.

'Wurth and I are good friends, ' he thought. 'It is a good thing he is helping me sell the heavenly essence. His family is very rich, so I assume that he would not take advantage or do any harm to me.' As the saying went, 'Love your neighbor, yet do not lower your defenses.' At the end of the day, it did not hurt Zen to be cautious.

As soon as he came up with a good excuse, he left and headed for Wurth's residence. When he reached his destination though, he could not find the man anywhere.

After asking someone around the house, he found out Wurth was not in his room, and that he had gone to the Drizzle side peak to practice. Without wasting another moment, Zen went to the side peak to look for him.

Among the many side peaks of Drizzle Peak, intensive training became the central purpose for several of them.

Although these side peaks paled in comparison to the guarded cultivation places in Cloud Sect, at the very least, these practice spots were free to the disciples of the Drizzle Peak.

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