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   Chapter 286 The Evil Plan (Part One)

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In Lake Mountain, Cloud Sect.

Hidden deep in the center of Cloud Sect was Lake Mountain. The way up to the top was steep, and made harder by that fact that there was no path up to the mountain. It was impossible to climb it without any equipment. People at the Illuminating Soul Realm could fly to get to the top of Lake Mountain, while the rest could get there with the help of a flying chariot.

Despite the perilous travel, there were many glorious buildings on top of Lake Mountain. There was no doubt that it took a lot of trouble to transport the building materials all the way up to the mountain's summit.

A beautiful lake surrounded Lake Mountain, which only added more to its scenic beauty. People could have a good view of the wonderful scenery if they stood on top of the mountain, which was also a good way to relax the senses.

Many of Cloud Sect's saints lived on the elusive Lake Mountain.

A long, narrow pavilion was situated at one corner of Lake Mountain. Half of the pavilion was perched firmly on the cliff, while its other half was cantilevered over the edge. A great part of the pavilion was cantilevered and hung in the air. If an acrophobic person stood on the pavilion, he would surely shiver with fear.

The fragrant scent of tea wafted pleasantly in the air. An old man with a purple hat on brought the cup of tea to his lips, which was decorated with spun gold, and took a sip.

The old man was Saint Zara, one of the top ten saints of Cloud Sect.

As he sipped on the hot drink, a stream of bright light suddenly passed over the sky and traversed closer to him. After a moment, another old man appeared at the edge of the pavilion. It was Saint Viana, who ranked tenth out of the top ten saints of Cloud Sect.


succeeds in it, it is no doubt that he will work hard to figure out what we have done to Yan. I believe he won't let us off easily if he knows the truth! So we must destroy him while he isn't powerful enough!"

Worry had noticeably shaken Saint Viana right now.

He was different from Saint Zara. Saint Zara had never fought with Zen, but he had.

That one day when he tried to subdue Zen by using Fatal Palm, Zen had successfully stopped him. Zen had just reached the nature level at that time, but he was powerful enough to stop Saint Viana. Saint Viana was quite astonished by the strange phenomenon.

After that, he poked his nose into the matter, and then he found out that when Zen entered the Heavenly Library, he had taken the hidden book, 'Heavenly Ogre Fist'. To his surprise, Zen had successfully learned the skill!

It was true that Zen was just at the nature level now, but his learning capacity was vast and powerful. If he reached Illuminating Soul Realm, would it be quite possible for him to defeat Saint Viana?

If he went through Cloud Road someday, and was elected by Cloud Hall, then he could do anything to Saint Viana if he wished.

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