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   Chapter 283 Grabbed The Sword With Bare Hands (Part Two)

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He had triggered the explosion of his life vitality directly. Bob never imagined that the energy of the explosion would be so horrible, it even eliminated all his chilly water drops!

It was why Bob panicked. He wondered why Zen's life vitality was so powerful. The energy of the little stars in Zen's life vitality was so great that Bob's heart trembled.

However, as a master at consummation of the nature level, Bob's mind had already tampered in various kinds of situations in the process of cultivating from a beginner to such a high level.

He realized that besides keeping himself calm, he should counterattack his opponents immediately.

After sensing Zen's location, Bob waved his sword to him. He waved so hard that the sword, which was as thin as a cicada's wings, was almost bent to its breaking point. Then, tens of thousands of chilly water drops suddenly shot out.

'Anyhow, these water droplets should be able to hold off Zen's attack, ' Bob thought to himself.

However, he had gravely underestimated Zen's speed.

In fact, Zen had not dodged those water droplets, not because he could not deflect any of them, but that he just did not try.

Since the situation was quite different at this instant, he tried his best to suppress Bob.

The Phoenix Crystal in his right arm suddenly gleamed. The energy coursed through his veins and then spread all over his body.


Suddenly, Zen turned into a blur. Like a gust of wind, he dispersed those chilly water drops from the sky covered by them.

Just then, the vision of Roger, Cao and Bob returned. When they saw Zen had turned into a blur, they were so surprised that they almost thought it was an

ength. When this man had just reached the marrow refining level, he was able to compete with the masters at half-step into the nature level.

However, even though they were born with great strength, they had their limit.

How could the strength of a corporeal body like Zen's have reached such an extent!

There was a world of difference between the top-grade nature level practitioners and the first-grade nature level practitioners. Now, because of Zen, Bob had changed his view.

No one saw it coming. Not even he could have imagined that he would somehow admit that Zen was much stronger than him.

After recovering from a brief shock, Bob immediately activated the life vitality in his body.

By any means, he was not someone who would throw in the towel so easily. Losing to a young man at first-grade of the nature level was very unacceptable for him.

The life vitality came out from his arm and emanated upward along his sword before solidifying into white snowflakes on the sword's blade.

Then, the snowflakes formed a long and thin line and quickly mounted on the tip of the sword blade.

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