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   Chapter 279 Argument (Part Two)

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However, he knew better than to test the temper of the young man, Bob.

The disciples from the noble clans would never listen to someone they thought was beneath them.

Moreover, he knew that Bob had gotten into fights before regarding who should be prioritized to enter the Lake of the Magical Fish. His disputes always led to more trouble. Bob had an infamous temper.

Today, he found it distasteful to wait for fifteen minutes for someone. That said a lot about him.

Bob pulled a long face, his lips twisting with disdain. Usually, he was the man who was waited upon, even at odd hours of the day. How dare they ask him to wait for someone else for so long?

"Hasn't the disciple come out yet? Cao, you said he would come out at four p.m., didn't you? It's already four now," Bob reminded him in an unpleasant tone.

Steward Cao straightened sheepishly, a reassuring smile on his face. "Please wait for a minute. Just one more minute. He should come out soon."

Brusquely, Bob got up. "I won't wait for him any longer! The time is up. You should force him out now by using the magic array plate."

"I- I..." steward Cao stammered, his mouth gaping, not knowing what to say. Bob left him in a fix. He would undoubtedly offend Zen if he pushed him out through the magic array, but it would vex Bob if he didn't listen to his command.

It wouldn't be too consequential if he offended Zen now, who was just an outer disciple at present. He wouldn't pose a threat to Cao's position. But if he offended Bob, and Bob told his elders about the incident, he could make Cao's life at Cloud Sect difficult.

Appearing to think for a moment, steward Cao came to a decision. Neither of his opt

t. Not just two hours, my points are enough to pay for twenty more! You can keep docking them until Zen comes out of the lake," Roger said, his face hard.

He was always polite and kind, but when someone angered him, he could get quite overbearing.

Steward Cao was in an awful dilemma. He had no clue about what to do. He wanted to start the magic array and pull Zen out, but looking at the expression on Roger's face, he dared not to do it. On the other hand, it was not possible for him to dissuade Bob either. He knew all about Bob's terrible temper.

"They say that the Meng family members are good at assessing a situation and judging what to do, but I don't think you are quite adept at it," sneered Bob, a look of hatred in his eyes as he stared at Roger. Momentum slowly built up in his body as the words escaped him. He had reached the nature level consummation, which was only one step away from the Illuminating Soul Realm.

Roger stood up the moment he heard what Bob said, his eyes too darkening with malice. "You dare to fight me on the Cloud Sect grounds? Do you know the price you'll pay for that transgression?"

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