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   Chapter 278 Argument (Part One)

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It was much easier for Zen to deal with the remaining blue Murlocs once he had mastered the trick of raising his speed through vibrations.

After shuttling a few more times, he killed the remaining five of them.

As the flying knife glided back into his hands, Zen continued to swim in the lake quietly. He looked down into its depth contemplatively. Without wasting another breath, Zen dived in.

He seemed to have forgotten that his reserve time was almost up.

"He killed each of the six blue Murlocs..." the steward mumbled grimly, seated on the stone bench next to the shores of the Lake of the Magical Fish. His face had turned dull in the state of shock.

On the other hand, Roger was mostly calm when he saw what happened.

He had gone for training once he returned from the south. Now that he was confident that he had greatly improved in his skills and strength, he came to the Lake of the Magical Fish for further practice.

When fully prepped, he could only dive in about seventy meters deep into the water. He knew there were many more blue Murlocs in the lakebed. He couldn't fight so many of them at once.

However, Zen, on his first go itself, dived deeper than even Roger could. He even killed six blue Murlocs! Roger didn't know what to make of Zen. The only word he could think of to describe him was 'extraordinary'.

There was no feeling of frustration in Roger's heart, even though Zen had clearly rattled quite a few of the others. He was good friends with Zen, and the latter had come to owe him a favor back when they were in the south.

Looking at the speed of his cultivation, Roger was sure his friend would become a man of great power. He thought of what Zen had promised him in the south, and figured that he would come to the Meng family's aid in the future.

The better Zen performed, the higher Roger's expectations would be with regard to him.

Just then, a group of people w

plate and murmured, his brows drawn together, "Time is almost up. Why hasn't Zen come out yet?"

Roger glimpsed at the magic array plate and found that Zen was still underwater. He had encountered a few Murlocs, then it seemed he dived more than ninety meters into the depths. Did the boy have a limit at all? The pressure of the waves was very high at that kind of distance downward.

If Zen hadn't been exceptional, he would have been flattened into a meat pie by the intense pressure.

It was difficult for even a nature creature to fight the indomitable pressure faced down at ninety meters, but Zen looked like he strove to dive even deeper.

Roger was eager to know how much more Zen could get to. "Perhaps he wants to test how deep he can go!" he exclaimed.

"But the time is up, and there are some others waiting here..." steward Cao retorted in an anxious voice.

As a steward of the Cloud Sect, he had a good eye.

He knew well about Zen's potential, whose performance at the Lake of the Magical Fish was exceptional and rare amidst the talents at the Cloud Sect. With time, Zen would only get better. He was a boy to watch out for, as he would certainly rise through the ranks in the future. Cao was aware that soon he would need to curry favor with Zen.

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