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   Chapter 277 Vibration (Part Two)

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After being wrapped by those bubbles, their speed had seemed to be increased significantly.


How were these bubbles produced? Was it because of the rotation of the axes?

If so, I can make my knife rotate too!'

Zen thought to himself. Then he hooked his thumb slightly, and the broken flying knife which had been flushed away flew back immediately.

The next time he threw out the flying knife, it was rotating at a very high speed too.

However, although its rotating speed wasn't slower than that of the axes, all that appeared in the water were some swirls. And after a short while, the flying knife even stopped rotating because of the water resistance.

'It seems that the bubbles were not produced by the mere rotation of the axes. They must have used some other method!' Zen thought.

In order to find the answer, when those blue Murlocs attacked him again, Zen reached out and tried to grab an ax while dodging the attack of the other ones.

But the moment he touched the ax, he felt a sharp pain in his hand.

He was shocked and drew his hand back immediately.

He found that several tiny wounds had appeared on his hand.

If his body hadn't been as solid as a spiritual weapon, Zen might have lost his hand there and then.

'I got it!'

He suddenly understood why those axes could produce so many bubbles.

In the course of their rotating, they were vibrating at an extremely fast speed, which was why a large number of bubbles were being produced.

After being wrapped by these bubbles, the axes would rotate like in the air, so their rotation speed increased significantly.

However, how did they manage to vibrate those axes?

Now Zen wasn't eager at all to dive downwards. Since his purpose of coming to the Lake of the Magical Fish w

n flying knife in his right hand was also vibrating at an extremely high speed.

"Hit it!"

With the high speed vibration, Zen suddenly threw the broken flying knife out.

"Glug! Glug..."

Of course, no sound of air breaking could be heard in the water. However, a string of intense and tiny bubbles appeared when the broken flying knife flew out.

With the technique, the speed of the broken flying knife had increased more than tenfold!

It flew only a little bit slower than it did in the air. And in the heavy water, such speed was already an amazing horror.

Now Zen's broken flying knives had dwarfed the axes thrown out by those blue Murlocs.

The blue Murloc not far away could never have expected that Zen would have copied their method in such a short time. As soon as he saw the flying knife coming towards him with a string of bubbles, he thrust forward with his frog-leg like legs, trying to run away.

Of course Zen wouldn't let go of him. Although the Murloc had already dodged the flight route of the broken flying knife, as soon as Zen pulled it, the broken flying knife arced in the water and cut at him who was immediately transformed into bright spots.

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