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   Chapter 276 Vibration (Part One)

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The steward had asked the question out of instincts. However, he remembered clearly that he had registered the disciple card for Zen for the first time today, which meant that this was surely the first time that Zen had entered the Lake of Magical Fish.

Compared to Roger, the steward's shock was even higher!

Nature creatures weren't the sole people to practice in the lake. It had faced its fair share of disciples.

There were different levels of difficulty inside the lake ranging from the surface to a depth of three hundred meters.

However, generally speaking, the most a nature creature could penetrate was the first five levels, i.e. from the surface to a depth of 150 meters. They almost always lost beyond that.

Besides, the water of the lake was also heavier than the usual ones, added to which, was the fact that

the deeper you went inside, the greater the pressure you would encounter.

At a depth of ten meters, the water pressure had only the weight of 500 pounds. However, at a depth of thirty meters, it could reach as much as 2000 pounds. And if one were to venture down to one hundred meters, the force he would encounter would be more than 10, 000 pounds. It was a horrible experience!

A depth of 150 meters was already the limit that the nature creatures could reach.

In addition to those horrific levels of water pressure, the practitioners had to face the Murlocs in the magic array each time they got cultivated inside the lake.

And the power of the Murlocs was supposed to increase with increasing depth.

The uppermost Murlocs were the weakest among all and were called as the fourth-grade Murlocs. Though not that hard to beat, they were no less powerful than a human being hal

ter was totally different from that in the air. His flying knife had always been fast in air but in water, he wasn't so sure.

If it lost any speed here, the impact of his flying knife would be decreased greatly.

The broken flying knife was still as sharp as usual. It swished across the water easily.

However, it seemed that its impact had been reduced significantly by the resistance of the heavy water. The flying knife that Zen had thrown hit only one ax. Then it was lost to turbulence.

Fortunately, since the ax had been split apart by his flying knife, an opening showed up in front of Zen, and therefore, he found a chance to break out and seized it.

Actually, Zen's strength was much greater than those blue Murlocs, so he was wondering why the broken flying knife he had thrown out was much weaker than the axes those blue Murlocs had thrown out.

He kept on pondering the question as he dodged the Murlocs.

He had already made sure that the axes were nothing more than some common animal bones.

However, after being thrown out, they had kept on rotating at a very high speed and produced countless tiny bubbles.

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