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   Chapter 275 Difficult To Believe

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The journey of two meters downwards beneath the surface of the lake had cost Zen quite a lot of time, but once there, Zen dived deeply and shook the fish tail quickly, and his body swam forwards much like an arrow had been shot through the water.

In no time at all, he was approaching the fifty-meter mark in terms of depth.

As soon as he reached 50 meters, three more yellow dots appeared not far away from him. They were mere twinkles but became bigger very quickly. Once he could see them clearly, he narrowed his eyes, "Three Murlocs."

Even while facing just one Murloc in the lake, Zen had been in a difficult position a while ago. He had done nothing but run away passively.

So it was surprising to see that on seeing three Murlocs, he didn't choose to run away. On the contrary, he shook the fish tail attached to his back and rushed towards the trio.

The three yellow Murlocs saw him approach and quickly formed a defense pattern in the shape of a triangle, with one in front and two at the back. They had black spears in their hands, and the sharp spear-point showered the water around them with a cold light.

Zen rushed forward, but just as he approached the Murloc in front, he suddenly twisted his body, which made the fish tail at his back slap around crazily.

With the full propulsive force of the tail behind him, Zen turned around and avoided the spear that the Murloc had thrown at him with rather alarming force. At the same time, he turned around once more and gripped the Murloc's huge head.


Murloc heads were naturally the hardest parts on their bodies, but once Zen had fixed his hands, he could make full use of his peerlessly powerful strength.

He tore the fish head with enough strength to split it.

After the head was torn, the Murloc surely died. In no time, he turned into a ball of colorful light and disappeared in the water...

To be clear, the Murlocs in the Lake of Magical Fish were holographic projections of the magic array around the lake, and weren't real. The only indigenous species in the area were some red daces.

After Zen had killed the first Murloc, the other two waved their black spears from different positions, trying to spike Zen.

But Zen was reacting much more quickly than them. The only problem was that earlier, he wasn't used to this water. But now, he had mastered how to swim in the heavy water, and it was no problem for him to dodge two simple spears. As he tore the head of the first Murloc, the tail at the back of his body waved around, and he floated upward rapidly.

The resultant change in position afforded him the ability to avoid the spears at the same time as going on the offensive.

Suddenly, he spun a complete hundred and eighty degrees in the water, turned his head down, and stretched out his hand to grasp th

disciples from the noble clans, pride was more important than the point in Cloud Sect and the cubic crystal.

But Roger shook his head, "Zen is not a disciple from a noble clan, and he won't do that."

Of course, Zen wouldn't do that. The entirely unrealistic idea of pride had nothing to do with him. What was more, although he had enough money at hands with thousands of cubic crystals, he didn't want to waste them. It made his heart ache to spend 200 points in two hours. How could he waste time here?

This array plate could only fix Zen's position, but they couldn't see what was going on inside. The red daces group was not created by the magic array, and the array plate couldn't monitor them. So Roger and the steward didn't know that Zen had come to a stand-still to get used to the heavy water and figure out a solution.

When he finally started to move again, the array plate showed that he was at a tremendous pace.

"This, this..." The steward opened his eyes wide and looked at his velocity inside the lake, unable to speak out of astonishment.

Roger was also shocked when he saw the same, even though he had stayed out of curiosity and the hope that Zen would do something beyond his expectation.

And Zen's velocity in the heavy water was actually far beyond his expectation.

It was tremendous.

Even Roger couldn't reach this speed now, let alone when he had entered heavy water for the first time.

The small dot that represented Zen on the array plate moved at a high speed and then approached the three yellow dots. In no time, the three disappeared in the magic array plate...

Roger and the steward saw that but kept silent.

Till now, the hand just moved half a scale on the clock sitting near them. Just one hour had passed...

"Has this bloke been here before?" The steward stayed silent for a long while and finally asked.

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