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   Chapter 274 Condensing A Fishtail

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Zen was not mobile in the heavy water.

One reason was the pressure of heavy water, and the other was the irregular turbulence and vortexes.

Whenever Zen tried to move, he would not only encounter turbulence, but his movement would cause more disturbance. As a result, the flow of water around him became even more chaotic.

"The current..."

Zen focused on the demonic life vitality.

Out of Zen's control, the demonic life vitality began to drift with the currents.

As it spread, it revealed the turbulence that was invisible to the naked eye.

'I will either advance or go back if I swim against the current. Perhaps it's better if I follow the current.'

With this idea in mind, Zen decided to stop moving against the currents and instead followed them exposed by the demonic life vitality.

Around Zen, the current carried the demonic life vitality away. There was a sudden rush of water. As the yellow Murloc's long spear drew nearer and nearer to him, Zen, without hesitating, moved a little and was pulled into the current.

When Zen was sucked into the swift current, he was propelled by the force of the heavy water, and in a flash, he swam seven or eight meters.

The yellow Murloc was very fast, but Zen was dragged away by the current, which helped him avoid the blow.

The yellow Murloc was familiar with the currents in the lake. When he couldn't hurt Zen, he turned into the current and followed it toward Zen.

Murlocs were more flexible in water than Zen. Since the yellow Murloc was now in the same current with Zen, he was faster than Zen again!

"Alas! If he and I both take advantage of the current, the Murloc will still swim faster than me!"

Zen lowered his head and swam straight down. When he looked back, he saw that the yellow Murloc was moving twice as fast as he was, and charging at him with the long black spear.

In the midst of the turbulence, Zen had no place to hide. Helplessly he watched as the long black spear was thrust at him.

At this crucial moment, a vortex suddenly came up behind Zen. It cut off the current behind him and caught the Murloc.

Once in the vortex, the Murloc could only stare helplessly at Zen as it dragged him farther and farther away from his target.

Seeing this, Zen sighed, 'That was a close call. Thanks to the timely vortex.'

Avoiding this Murloc was a sign of Zen's good fortune. However, the underlying problem remained unresolved.

To refine in Lake of the Magical Fish necessitated that the master moved freely in the heavy water. Otherwise, even a top master would not be able to display his strong power.

'Everyone else would have experienced the same issues. I wonder how they overcame this difficulty.' With that in mind, Zen regretted not consulting Roger about the problem beforehand.

Zen was far behind the noblemen when it came to information. They had a huge network of contacts and were far more inf

f him. They almost enclosed Zen.

The red daces were to Zen's left, right, and flanks.

Looking at the fish, Zen thought, 'Since visualizing the fishtail from memory didn't work, I might as well use a red dace!'

Thinking of this, Zen gingerly reached out for the red daces.

Fish are extremely sensitive. Luckily Zen didn't release an intent to hurt them. Instead of avoiding Zen's hand, many fish darted past him. Some even touched Zen's skin.

Zen saw a chance, suddenly reached forward and grabbed a red dace.

The red dace swished its tail and tried to break free from Zen. But how could its struggle compare with Zen's strength?

The other red daces scattered when Zen caught one. The dense school soon disappeared, leaving only the one fish in Zen's hand.

Zen stared closely at the red dace that he had caught and took the opportunity to meditate again.

He emitted the demonic life vitality out of his body, and once again, tried to turn his life vitality into a fishtail.

Now that he had a reference in front of him, Zen's visualization naturally went smoothly. In a short while, the demonic life vitality slowly condensed into a fishtail behind Zen.

Although this tail was only purple-black, and the appearance was still miserable, it looked much better than the previous one.

Zen moved the tail a little and felt a huge push behind him!

As the tail swished more frequently, the thrust increased, and Zen moved quickly through the water, just like the red dace.

Once accelerated, Zen could move unimpeded through turbulence and vortexes.

Zen's face broke into a smile. He quickly adapted to the tail by swimming through the water.

After about half an hour of moving through the water at high speed, Zen felt as though his body was quite flexible. Although he still could not swim as fast as the red dace, he was much faster than the Murloc!

Then he swished the tail faster and dove deeper.

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