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   Chapter 273 The Murloc

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The heavy water in the lake was very viscous.

Zen jumped into the lake, but almost no water splashed. He sunk slowly after making a ripple on the surface.

Soon, Zen found that he descended slowly. When Zen was about one meter below the surface of the lake, he realized that he couldn't sink anymore. The buoyancy of the heavy water was astonishing.

'Adjust your breath and try to sink straight.' With this thought, Zen changed posture and lowered his head. He moved his hands and forced his body further into the water.

After a warrior entered the organ refining level, his internal organs underwent a qualitative change. He could rest without breathing because the air could operate automatically in the lung.

Since Zen had breathed in deeply while on the bank, the air he inhaled could sustain him for a long time.


The heavy water in the lake was viscous, but it was clear. Even though he was three meters below the surface, he could see the surroundings clearly.

Zen had read about the Lake of the Magical Fish before. It was bottomless. It was said that a master at the Illuminating Soul Realm at Cloud Sect had once dived to the depth of 300 meters, but nobody could reach lower.

According to the reports of the disciples that had explored the lake's depths, it could be divided into ten layers.

The first layer extended from the surface to a depth of 30 meters. The second layer continued from 30 meters to 60 meters, and so on. The tenth layer was at the 300-meter mark.

Since this was Zen's first time at the Lake of the Magical Fish, he didn't set a goal. However, to refine himself in the lake cost him hundreds of cubic crystals. Since it was expensive, Zen was determined to make good use of the opportunity.

"I will see how deep I can reach!"

Zen waved his hands and pushed the heavy water in front of him. Slowly, he descended further into the water.

he water's pressure and got over the difficulty to move, they would have a qualitative change to exert their strength and experience the battle.

Once these warriors left the heavy water and returned to the bank, they would feel relaxed.

After the Murloc swam ahead for a while, it turned and rushed at Zen again.

"No. If the battle continues this way, I will be unable to defend against the Murloc!" Zen considered his options for a long while and wrinkled his brows slightly.

As an idea flashed through his mind, Zen snapped his fingers, and his expression changed. The demonic life vitality was released through the finger. With some sparkles, it spread slowly in the heavy water.

Zen found that he could not control the demonic life vitality as freely as when he was outside the water.

Countless tiny turbulent flows and whirlpools were hidden in the lake. Being influenced by them, the demonic life vitality was pushed and pulled in all directions.

Soon, the demonic life vitality was scattered under the current, and it spread out into an irregularly shaped large net.

But this huge net couldn't stop the Murloc. On the contrary, the Murloc shuttled nimbly in the huge net and lifted the black spear as it prepared to rush at Zen again.

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