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   Chapter 272 The Lake Of The Magical Fish

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The Lake of the Magical Fish was located on a hill in the south of Cloud Sect.

Compared to the mountains in the north, this hill was inconspicuous.

But the scenery here was surprisingly fascinating. In addition, Could Sect had built a neat trail to it with six-foot-wide cyan slabs.

Arriving at the hill, Zen saw a guard in brown standing solemnly.

After saying hello, Zen began to ask him about the Lake of the Magical Fish.

The guard studied Zen, and was confused by the white robe on Zen.

White-robe disciples at Cloud Sect were usually weak with few points. But the Lake of the Magical Fish did set requirements for the refiners who wanted to challenge it.

If they were not strong enough to meet those requirements, they would not get benefits from the lake, and might even be hurt inside.

"I want to refine myself in the Lake of the Magical Fish," Zen told the guard.

The guard thought for a moment, and then replied, "Was it your master who asked you to come here?"

At Cloud Sect, masters would suggest that their disciples refine themselves at the Lake of the Magical Fish.

Zen nodded at the guard, for he indeed learned about these secret refining places from Aura, his master.

The guard placed his hand in front of Zen, and said, "Then, please show me your disciple card!"

He checked Zen's disciple card. To his surprise, Zen had earned a lot of points. According to his experience, it was impossible for an outer disciple to own so many points unless he bought them with cubic crystals.

'Since he still wears the outer disciple robe, he can't be a member of any noble clan. Perhaps, he comes from a rich family, ' the guard thought.

Then he spoke to Zen, "You can't go in the lake to refine yourself now."

"Why not?" Zen was puzzled.

"Because another disciple is refining himself in it. He has been inside for an hour, and I allowed him two hours. Look," the guard pointed to the clock beside him. "He entered the lake at 11 a.m., and will come out at 1 p.m. Since only half of the duration has passed, you need to wait for an hour, please."

Zen looked at the clock. Both its hour hand and minute hand were at the number, twelve. As the guard had said, Zen had to wait for an hour.

Zen nodded, went to a nearby stone bench, and sat down.

He had thought that the disciple in the lake would come out only when his time finished. However, after less than half an hour, Zen saw a man staggering out from the other end of the trail. His clothes were wet, and the m

ter trying several times to confirm what he had discovered, Zen finally left the trail and kept moving.

Arriving at a flat ground, Zen saw a waterfall.

It was not high, only about thirty or forty feet. It was comparatively smaller than the famous waterfalls in the Eastern Region. But what made it unusual was that a deafening sound was created when the water hit the lake.

The noise was as loud as hordes of troops and horses roaring, even shaking the heaven.

That was why it could serve as a secret refining place for Cloud Sect.

Zen went to the deep pool and reached out to touch the clear water. He suddenly understood why the water made such a loud sound.

The lake looked pretty clear but it felt different.

Zen felt as though his fingers were going to be frozen by the low temperature of the water.


Mobilizing his life vitality, Zen dispelled the cold in his hand.

Besides, Zen was startled to discover that the lake water was absurdly heavy when he held some up!

"It is said that in the very depths of the Land of Extreme Chillness exists a kind of water named Heavy Water that was about ten times heavier than ordinary water. Could this be Heavy Water?"

In this case, aside from the unnaturally low temperature of the water, there must be heavy pressure under the water.

Therefore, it could be imagined that the lake would indeed be challenging for refiners that entered it.

Zen, however, didn't hesitate on the bank for a long time.

Two units would cost two hundred points or four hundred cubic crystals. Time was money!

So, Zen prepared himself, took a deep breath, and then jumped into the lake bravely.

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