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   Chapter 271 The Cultivation Places (Part Two)

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Zen even found four space rings and one of which had a spacious inner area than Zen's.

Even though the house provided by the Could Sect was big enough for Zen, his new possession could not all fit in his place.

He had to deal with them the next morning and arrange them so he could still have some space for himself.

On the next few days, aside from further cultivating his strength, he spent most of his time contemplating on the Sun Moon Stars Picture.

The picture indeed had quite a wonderful effect for cultivators of martial arts.

The last time he was at the fairy palace, he absorbed a part of the power from the Stars during the first contemplation, and now his demonic life vitality contained part of that Star power.

When he used the star power, Zen was overwhelmed by the energy that it released.

'I have only absorbed a little of that Star power. I wonder what will happen if I absorb all the powers of the Stars, Sun, and Moon. Will my demonic life vitality be more powerful than ever?' Zen thought ecstatically.

But contemplating the picture now, Zen didn't feel that same wonderful feeling he had the first time.

And he also noticed that he was having a hard time "seeing through" the Sun Moon Stars Picture at that time.

Aside from contemplating the Sun Moon Stars Picture, Zen also took the time to consider the means for cultivation.

The Cloud Sect was called the holy land for cultivators because it owned plenty of cultivation handbooks, and its most attractive feature was the excellent and conducive cultivation places it had.

Since Zen just became an outer disciple of the Cloud Sect, he was not aware of the cultivation places.

And he had been busy trying to earn points and even argued with Master Su on how he could earn points faster.

om Aura that earned him points, so he knew where to get the points from for his training.

He might find an easy task that could give him a couple of points, but it would surely take a considerable amount of time to earn enough points from easy hands for the cultivation places.

It was more likely that he would earn more points by completing a hard task. But a hard task would take him ten days to a half month and the points wouldn't be enough for an hour at any of the cultivation places.

One could buy points by exchanging a lot of cubic crystals in the Cloud Sect, but only the noble clans could do such a thing. Even if the average disciples had enough cubic crystals, they couldn't just exchange them for points.

The Cloud Sect was just like a huge company. Every month, the Cloud Sect spent a huge amount of money on the salaries of managers and other officers, as well as the monthly allowances and pills of the hundreds of thousands of the Cloud Sect disciples.

And in order to maintain the expenses, the Cloud Sect had to charge high fees for the use of some of its places.

In addition, the maintenance of the training sites also required a lot of crystal energy.

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