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   Chapter 262 The Court Trial (Part Two)

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From where he stood, Zen shot him a truly incredulous look.

"Reason? You old thing! Only after I finished the trial for slaying demons, I was taken here by some people without any reason before going back to Drizzle Peak. They said without any evidence that I was a spy of the demons and beat me heavily with Murry, but they found they couldn't kill me easily. So, they ganged up with Fren to let me die! Do you think I would just stand there and let them kill me casually?

Do you think I would die willingly?" Zen asked, fury and seriousness clouding his voice. "I want to know, if you were me, what would you do?" he added.

However, Saint Viana only said, "Those are your own words! They are not believable!"

After he said those words, he slowly flew from the air to the ground. He went to Murry, who had remained silent and looked deep in thought. "Murry, as a judge of Commandment Hall, it is your duty to explain clearly what has happened today!" Saint Viana said.

At this, Murry rolled his eyes and a wicked grin was plastered on his face. "My honored Saint Viana, please don't believe this guy who told a lie. The information received by Commandment Hall indicated that the guy conspired with the demons during his trial for slaying demons, and as a judge of Commandment Hall, it is my responsibility to keep the disciples of Cloud Sect safe. However, if this boy was really possessed by a demon general and entered into our Cloud Sect, what should we do? Thus, I have to take some actions to find out if he is really a spy," he said.

Saint Viana nodded in agreement. "Murry, you are right, please go on!" he said.

"It was really unexpected that he didn't cooperate with us and he refused to be examined by Commandment Hall. What's worse, when he was in Commandment Hall, he has said something very offensive! Because of his arrogance and improper words, I asked to beat him to give him a lesson--but unfortunately, he turned around and ran away!

Just at

st a comforting look at Zen.

"Sorry, you have to stay here for a couple of days, but don't worry, no one can frame you up once the court trial is organized!" she reassured him.

A smile lit up Zen's face as he looked at Aura. "Master Su, I am not worried at all. My life is not valuable, and anyone can come to kill me on the condition that he is powerful enough!" he told her.

As he said those words, Zen shot Saint Viana a knowing look.

After that, Aura maneuvered her flying chariot and landed it on the ground. Before the court trial, Zen had to be kept in Commandment Mount. A squadron of officers had arrived to take him away.

Just as Zen was about to be escorted to leave the scene, he suddenly thought of something. He turned to Aura and asked her in a low voice, "Master Su, could you tell me who was judged by the court trial two years ago?"

His question had Aura go quiet for a while before she answered, "Yan."

At this, Zen managed to plaster a smile on his face. "Who held that court trial? And who prosecuted?" he asked again.

"Can I tell you later?" Aura said with a hint of discomfort in her voice.

She shook her head and truthfully, she didn't want to answer his questions.

"Please tell me," Zen begged in a calm but steadfast voice, as he stared at Aura with burning eyes.

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