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   Chapter 261 The Court Trial (Part One)

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The harsh words that tumbled out of Saint Viana's mouth saddened Aura quite deeply. It seemed like it had reminded her of something so painful, that it made her inconsolable to the point of not saying a word. The grieving look in her eyes looked quite heartbreaking!


At that moment, a beam of silver light that came from the ground shot at Saint Viana.

In turn, he slightly waved his hand and simply flicked the flash of light away.

At the same time, Zen had jumped right onto Aura's flying chariot, which was more than one hundred feet from the ground and stood next to her.

"You old thing! How can you bully a little girl just because you are older? It's really a shame, a shame!" he said.

Now, Aura was Zen's master in martial arts even if she was only several years older than Zen. However, Zen had said that she was only a little girl, which made her feel somewhat strange. However, compared to Saint Viana who was more than 360 years old--she had to admit that she could be called a little girl indeed.

A smell emanated from Zen who stood in front of Aura, and she noticed it. She knew that he was just as nervous as her.

The masters of Cloud Sect and all the noble clans knew why Aura came to Cloud Sect and was willing to be a humble master at Drizzle Peak.

The reason why she came here wasn't a secret, but no one had ever spoken it out.

Nobody had dared to remind the reason in front of Aura.

When she reached Drizzle Peak, Aura hoped that she could forget everything about that and adapt herself to her new life as soon as possible.

However, Saint Viana had ruined that today when he spoke out the reason without consideration of Aura's feelings, which made her suffer a seemingly endless pain.

It was a relief that Zen could stand up to help her.

Saint Viana's eyebrows shot up angrily at Zen's words. He was positively fuming with

for the little girl to just use it to save an insignificant outer disciple!

"Will you waste an Emperor's Token to save this guy?" he asked in a low voice.

His aggressiveness a while ago seemed to be replaced by calmness for now.

"How will you know if you don't try?" Aura said coolly.

Her words shocked Saint Viana and his face wore an unreadable expression. "Okay! But you have so many things to deal with in Cloud Sect, you can't keep him alive all the time!

What's more, even if I forgive him now, Cloud Sect won't forgive him, since he has killed a disciple of Cloud Sect. He has broken the Sect's rules and everyone knows, so you can't help him even though you are the princess!" he said angrily.

"I won't give protection to Zen if he really did something wrong, but punish him according to the rules of Cloud Sect. However, you as a saint, just want to kill Zen without any forethought, so could you tell me why?" she asked back in return.

Even though Saint Viana had changed topics to Cloud Sect's rules, Aura was quite clever and she surely had something to say in defense.

Now, Saint Viana only grunted wordlessly in response. Then after a while, he said, "Anyway, this boy must give a reason why he killed the disciple today!"

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