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   Chapter 259 The Seven Mysterious Demon Swords (Part Two)

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Fren wondered, 'What strange cultivation method has he been practicing?'

Nevertheless, it was not the time for Fren to think about that. Because he wanted to kill Zen as soon as possible, he did not have any more time to waste. Though he had lost a sword, there were still six left in his control.

And so, while Fren waved his hand again, the invisible swordsmen raised his six swords. On his command, they were ready to attack Zen.

All of a sudden, some black and purple spots appeared on his six remaining weapons. Fren could only watch in horror as the spots scattered all over the swords.

"What the hell is going on?" Fren exclaimed.

With his eyes wide open, Fren noticed that the remaining six swords had lost contact with him. What just happened was beyond absurd!

In a state of helplessness, he watched the colors of his six swords change from orange to purple-black.

"I said you are no longer qualified to take my life. With your current strength, you should run whenever you see me.

It's a pity you were not smart to believe my words," said Zen seriously.

After the transformation of the demonic life energy into demonic life vitality, its ability to absorb and transform other energies became more frightening while the speed had greatly improved.

When Zen used the purple-black sword to prevent the attacks of Fren's other six, the opportunity for their blades to clash arose.

It was at that moment when the demonic life vitality of the purple-black sword transferred into the other six swords along the gaps of the blades.

Although infiltrated by only a small amount of the demonic life vitality, it was enough for the rest of Zen's strategy to work.

The demonic life vitality continuously altered Fren's life vitality at high speed. As a re

uge sword, which was about ten feet long and several feet wide, directly shot towards Fren.

"Oh, no! Stop it. If you kill him, you will die!" shouted Murry quickly.

He never imagined Zen would dare to kill Fren. 'Does this fellow really know no fear?

If he kills Fren in Cloud Sect, who else could protect him?' thought Murry.

"Don't run, Fren. I'll kill him!" stated Vivan fiercely.

Soaked in an unknown evil spirit, Vivan's eyes turned blood red and her pale skin bloomed with red spots. Even the willow leaf darts she thrust were contaminated with blood. After noticing these details, Zen deemed that she must have been using some mysterious cultivation method.

"Are you still not giving up?" asked Zen, looking at the woman incredulously.

The huge sword not only blocked the willow leaf darts, but also absorbed the blood energy of the darts.

With its huge side panel like a door, the huge sword flew over and touched Vivan's enchanting body that had made many men think about it day and night.


Knocked by the sword, Vivan flew against the wall with a muffled noise. Then slowly, she collapsed and lowered her head while losing consciousness.

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