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   Chapter 258 The Seven Mysterious Demon Swords (Part One)

Apotheosis By En Ci Jie Tuo Characters: 6207

Updated: 2019-05-14 01:58

"How dare you!"

The arrogant words of Zen had enraged Fren to a point where he saw red everywhere.

Just then, everyone heard an abrupt sound of something soaring at incredible speed.


From the side of the door, a thin willow leaf dart shot towards Zen.

As soon as he became aware of it, Zen calmly stretched out his hand and pushed the willow leaf dart away in a gentle manner.

At that moment, a charming woman entered through the door and yelled, "Fren, kill him!"

Upon closer look, it turned out that the woman was someone named Vivan, whom Zen had met at the Zhang Clan's Blessed Auction House in the past.

Seeing his woman had already made her move, Fren felt convinced that he did not have to wait any longer. Instantly, his hand glowed with an orange light, forming a big sword.

It was the Seven Mysterious Demon Swords, the Zhuge Clan's tier 4 cultivation method. After he had tossed it casually, the orange-red sword hung in the air while facing Zen.

It strangely appeared as though there was an invisible man, and he was holding the sword.

Then, the number of swords multiplied from one to several, as though someone had replicated the original sword many times.

The orange light in Fren's hand flickered unceasingly; one after another, big swords appeared from each flash.

In the end, there were seven swords in the air, with seemingly seven invisible swordsmen holding them.

"Kill him, now!" commanded Fren.

Raising their swords, the seven invisible swordsmen rushed towards Zen.

Some went to stab him horizontally while others cut him vertically. The seven invisible swordsmen united their efforts to ensure his defeat and marched from every possible direction to corner him.

At the same time, Vivan threw the willow leaf darts, flicking them at the speed of light at Zen one after another.


Hiding the shock behind a brave facade, Fren narrowed his eyes and said, "It's good that you can catch a sword. Unfortunately, you only have two hands. I don't know how you catch the other six swords."

Under Fren's command, the other six swords launched a siege on Zen from different directions.

"Take it easy, you just wait and see!" Zen replied humorously. The demonic life vitality surged out of his hand and seeped into the sword in his hand.

In a moment, the color of the sword changed from orange to purple-black. Upon seeing the transformation, Zen let out a satisfied sigh.

Reassured by the familiar color, he let go of the sword. This time, however, he had taken full control of it.

As Zen signaled, the purple-black sword followed his every intention and hovered in front of him.

"Bang bang bang!"

The other six orange swords clashed with the purple-black sword one after another, as Zen maneuvered it expertly and blocked each fierce attack.

The color of Fren's face drastically changed while he watched the unbelievable scene before his eyes. Never in his dreams did he imagine that someone, let alone Zen, could take away one of his swords. On top of that, the man had total power over it now.

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