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   Chapter 257 The Heaven-destroying Cudgel (Part Two)

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He didn't come back to Cloud Sect to participate in this farce.

"How... how dare you! You dare to revolt against me in public!" Murry saw him leaving and was overjoyed. He could not take on Zen until now because he didn't have a legitimate reason to kill him before.

Zen could be in league with the demon. Murry could have put him to death after charging him for this crime, but he didn't have the right to do so within the laws. So he had just convicted Zen and hoped he would be beaten to death by the cudgels. But Zen survived easily. Murry wondered what his body was made of, or why he was not fearful of being bludgeoned.

If Zen had obeyed him just now, Murry wouldn't have known how to deal with him.

But Zen just revolted against him in front of an audience. He ridiculed the Commandment Hall, which gave Murry an admissible reason.

"You dare rebel against the Commandment Hall and try to escape. According to the rules, I can kill you!" Murry shouted, a judgment pen in his hand. He moved behind Zen.

At the same time, he saw a shadow of a figure appearing at the gates. The intruder laughed. "I come here by accident. Master Qin, why are you shouting?"

It was Fren.

He hated Zen to the bone.

Zen had beaten Yale almost to death during the trial for slaying demons. He killed Josef too, who had been appointed as the counselor to the imperial army with the help of the Zhuge Clan.

The incident had angered the Zhuge Clan. Their leader had announced that as long as any of them encountered Zen, they were allowed to take his life straightaway.

So Fren

en, for he hadn't truly been the opponent.

But today, Zen had edged through the level and become a nature creature.

The change from life energy to life vitality was quite qualitative.

Moreover, he had contemplated on the Sun Moon Stars Picture and grasped the power of the stars. The demonic life vitality had made a spurt of progress.

The expression on Fren's face betrayed no fear. He could tell that Zen's body had undergone a transformation, but Fren had a good reputation in the Cloud Sect for his strength. Moreover, lately it had increased. "Hah. You arrogant man, you are just at grade one of the nature level, yet you're so conceited? I wonder if someday you get to enter the Illuminating Soul Realm, will you kill everyone in our Zhuge Clan? I doubt you'll get the chance though, because you will be dead today!"

"Oh? If I enter the Illuminating Soul Realm someday..." Zen wrinkled his brows as if in thought. "I won't just stop with the Zhuge Clan. If the top seven noble clans make me unhappy, I will take all of their lives!"

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