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   Chapter 256 The Heaven-destroying Cudgel (Part One)

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Zen stood still, without operating his life vitality.

The four men stood in four distinct positions with their heaven-destroying cudgels in hand. They aimed their weapons and struck at Zen simultaneously.

The four of them were at grade five of the nature level and had extraordinary strength. Moreover, the heaven-destroying cudgels could strike the body with a force unmatched.

Poof! Poof! Poof! Poof!

The weapons hit Zen's body hard, making dull sounds.

'People in the Commandment Hall do have some methods. The ordinary nature creatures could be beaten to death if hit hundreds of times in this manner, ' Zen thought, still not budging an inch. 'But my body is a middle-grade spiritual weapon. The cudgels' hit can't injure me with their moderate force!'

Under the beating of the cudgels, warm currents continuously surged in Zen's body, soaking his belly.

The four nature creatures kept hitting at him hard. After all, it was a rare opportunity.

Poof! Poof! Poof!

They hit him more than a hundred times in one breath.

Zen still stood unmoved and looked at Murry, who was looking on from a distance.

Murry was puzzled. The heaven-destroying cudgel was a good weapon to strike a nature creature. In the past, it had proven to be useful in beating them half to death. Why did this young man look unharmed even after being hit so many times?

"Hit him hard!" Murry shouted.

The four men were masters at grade five and had an endless stream of power in their bodies. At Murry's words, the force in their hands increased in an instant. In no time, sweat was built on their foreheads. Their cudgels struck blow after blow at Zen.


The cudgels pounded Zen over and over, but he only felt a sense of happiness as the warmth soaked through his belly, lulling him

s dealing with a monster.

The four men stared back at him blankly, finding themselves in a fix. They still held the heaven-destroying cudgels in their hands.

There was no point in continuing to strike the boy because he was not afraid of being beaten. The four of them were merely wasting their respective strengths. But they couldn't stop hitting him, because Murry hadn't yet ordered them to stop...

They waved the heaven-destroying cudgels about, becoming more spiritless.

"There's no strength behind your attacks. Don't do it." Zen sighed and shook his head, but the strength in his body expanded gradually, until it shook with a tremor.

When the next blow of the heaven-destroying cudgel fell on his body, it repelled against the great force in him and the weapon shattered into several pieces, falling to the ground.

Zen immediately removed the life-vitality rope of thorns that was tied around his wrists.

"My time is valuable. I didn't come back to Cloud Sect for this mischief. I know who was behind what happened today, but I advise you not to get involved with me. Otherwise you will regret it!" Zen said, pointing at Murry who stood on the platform, before turning to leave.

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