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   Chapter 255 The Commandment Hall (Part Two)

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It was very clearly written that Commandment Mount did not have such great authority at the beginning, but with Cloud Sect's development, the interrogation methods were further developed and even modified. In order to improve interrogation of the disciples who violated rules, the Commandment Hall replicated methods of the judgment hall in the Burning Sky Empire.

However, there were no rules granting these methods in Cloud Sect.

As a disciple of Cloud Sect, Zen naturally and impulsively abode by all the rules of Cloud Sect. But as for the rules in the hall, that were nothing he needed to bother with. He didn't care what were they or what disobeying them meant.

The middle-aged man's name was Murry Qin. He was the deputy principal of the Commandment Hall. In all these years, on his trial list, there were over eight hundred disciples.

Murry Qin was about to lose his temper by the complete disregard of his commands and was about to show Zen what would come off by disobeying him. But then he thought of what he was told and held back his temper while adding, "All right, suit yourself and just stand there. Do you know why I summoned you here?"

"No, I don't have a clue!" answered Zen as he shook his head.

He really didn't know, let alone have an idea about which rule he had broken to be summoned here. Did he miss something, a small mistake or maybe even a big one?

After participating in the trial for slaying demons, Zen travelled out of Cloud Sect all the time and never returned. Before he got a chance to go to Drizzle Peak, the two inspectors brought him here. Even while retrospecting, Zen could not find the smallest tiny hint as to what crime he could have committed.

With a sly smile, Murry Qin asked, "Hey hey, you sure you really don't know?"

"No, not even the slightest clue. I have no reason to lie to you!" said Zen in an indifferent tone. He did nothing wrong, and he didn't disobey any rules, so he had nothing to be

Qin felt some amount of guilt. The Commandment Hall had no right to take a person's life, according to the Cloud Sect rules. Only the senior managers of Cloud Sect could sentence a disciple to death. The most he could do was to send disciples to the Hell Mountain.

But since he was entrusted, he had to handle it in any way. Their ultimate purpose was to take Zen's life!

If he wanted to take a disciple's life, he would have to go forward in a smarter manner to avoid trouble. "I can't kill him directly, but I can beat him to death," thought Murry Qin.

If Zen revolted against the punishment, that would give them the license to kill him. If not, then they would beat him to death with the heaven-destroying cudgels!

Zen was prepared to fight at that moment. No matter who tried to take his life, he would let them pay the price and there was no exception.

But when he saw the four men came in with four cudgels, his heart was filled with joy, a feeling so contradictory to what he thought he would feel.

The last thing he feared was being beaten...

Now he was at the nature level, and was worried that nobody would beat him!

In this case, Zen gave up resistance. He wanted to see what would happen after suffering through the strokes. Would his strength and might increase?

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