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   Chapter 252 The Foolish Young Master (Part One)

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"Oh, really? So tell me how you will cut me into pieces? Where will you start? Here? Or there?" Zen taunted the attendants. He pulled the young master closer to him and placed his broken flying blade on the latter's throat.

"Are you insane? Let go of the young master now!" The two servants were furious, but they were careful as they moved closer to their young master.

Just then, the young master of the Li family realized what was happening and cursed out loud. "Bastard! You release me now and kill yourself with your knife to atone for your mistake! Or else, I will have you and the rest of your family killed!

The young master hardly finished his words as Zen slapped him hard across the face.

"Kill me and my family? Do you even know who I am? And what method will you use to kill me?" asked Zen in a deadly cold voice as he pushed the knife harder on young master's neck, enough to wound him slightly.

"How dare you slap me? Even my parents have never hurt me! You're dead! I shall –," the young master threatened even with his bleeding mouth. He was extremely arrogant and relentlessly cruel.

He could not finish his sentence again because of a short loud sound.

Zen had slapped him again, and harder this time.

The young master looked at him furiously and was about to say something again, but Zen slapped him one more time.

Seeing how their young master was being treated, the two servants held their weapons and attacked Zen. However, Zen kicked them one by one and they fell back to the ground.

After he took care of the two servants, Zen went back to handle the young master.

He wasn't really looking for trouble and didn't intend to get involved in such fight. He just want

s strength. But he didn't feel fear. "You're just a nature creature. How dare you beat up my son in front of my house? Do you really think that no one in G Country can defeat you?" he said. After saying this to Zen, Price gestured to his bodyguards and they stepped forward.

Price's bodyguards were the top of masters in G Country. One of them had reached the seventh grade of nature level, while the other one was at the eighth grade.

Zen was a little surprised about the strength of their martial arts.

Because in his hometown, the C Country, a master at fifth grade of nature level could dominate the whole county with his supremely strong power.

'Why do these two masters in G Country work for him as his bodyguards?" Zen was confused.

He stopped wondering about it when he couldn't get an answer. If he was still a half-step into the nature level, it would be difficult for him to handle these two masters.

But now that he reached the nature level, fighting with these two bodyguards would be an easy task.

After receiving the order from their master, the bodyguards closed in on Zen but didn't attack just yet.

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