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   Chapter 251 The Lightning Horse Of The Li Family

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These Illuminating Soul Realm masters were all the backbone of the top seven noble clans. If they had been killed in the fairy palace, it would bring shame and dishonor on the top seven clans.

"I don't need to prove myself. Go and find out for yourself. It's none of my business. Listen, I'm getting out of here now, and if anyone tries to stop me, I will kill him!" Zen angrily said. He was about to leave when someone shouted, "You can't go without explaining to our Huang family! I won't let you leave here alive if you don't!" A nature creature from the Huang family blocked Zen's way. He turned his life vitality into a small green dragon that rushed towards Zen with an open mouth.

"Get out of my way!"

Zen shouted while firing the demonic life vitality from his hands.


The demonic life vitality crushed the green small dragon before it could approach Zen. Although the green small dragon was transformed from life vitality, it wasn't swallowed by Zen's life vitality, because its grade was not high enough. After hitting the green small dragon, Zen went straight for the nature creature of the Huang family with sparkling stars on his hand.

Zen didn't use the Heavenly Ogre Fist. He just wrapped his hand with power by activating the demonic life vitality.

The moment that the demonic life vitality hit the nature creature, the sparkling stars suddenly exploded.

"Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!"

Each of the sparkling stars was only about the size of a rice grain, but its massive explosive powers shocked even the nature creatures.

The stars were destroyed one by one as they exploded.

By the time the explosions were over, the nature creature of the Huang family had totally disappeared.

Crushing the opponent into ash with just one hit! What an incredible power! The Illuminating Soul Realm masters were at awe by what they had seen. Even they couldn't have possibly made it.

The faces of the nature creatures turned pale in horror and surprise.

"He was just half a step into the nature level when he entered the fairy palace, but he was able to defeat Leon and killed him. Look at him now! He can now transform the life energy in his body to life vitality. He is progressing fast! Now that he has become a nature creature and his competence has improved significantly, we are now no match for him!" someone said in a low voice.

Zen looked around and asked coldly, "Does anyone else want to stop me?"

There was silence in the place. Not one nature creature would want to battle Zen now. After a while, a young man stepped forward from the crowd and said to Zen, "You must explain in detail about what happened in the fairy place."

"What if I don't want to explain?"

Zen said with fury in his eyes. Seeing how furious Zen was, the young man took a few steps back and calmed himself down. He continued, "If you don't want to explain, you'll have to make up for the loss of our top seven noble clans."

Zen laughed hysterically as if he just heard the funniest joke of his l

st be the young master of the Li family.

All the bystanders on the street could not bear to look at what could possibly happen once the horse hit the cart. They were expecting the worst – that the kids and the old man would die if the horse turned over the cart and ran over them.

When the horse was about to collide with the cart, Zen came in between and caught the horse's forelegs to avoid the collision.

"It's dangerous here! Go and move your cart now!" Zen said lightly to the old man while he was lifting the horse's forelegs.

The old man was surprised by Zen's action. His eyes were still filled with panic. But he immediately moved the cart out of the way as Zen instructed.

Holding on to his horse to avoid from falling, the young man shouted, "Bastard, what do you think you're doing? Let go of my horse now!"

Zen's face darkened with fury when he heard the young man cursing him. He carefully put down the horse's legs to avoid hurting it.

"Are you out of your mind? How dare you stop my horse? You're courting death!" As soon as the horse was back on its four feet, the young man tried to snap his lash at Zen.

Zen caught the lash with his fingers and wrapped the end around his hand.

At that moment, the attendants at the Li mansion gate rushed over and shouted, "Let go of the whip, dumb ass! How dare you offend our young master! Kneel before our master now or you're dead!"

Zen sneered at the attendants and instead of letting the whip go, he pulled it causing the young man to topple down from the horse's back.

The young master was used to VIP treatment everywhere he went and didn't imagine anyone who would treat him otherwise; so, when Zen played him as a fool, he was stunned.

The attendants, however, were quick to make a move. They took out their weapons and pointed them at Zen, "You're in big trouble! If you had just knelt, we would have let you go after a hundred beatings. But we're afraid that we would have to cut you in pieces for what you did!"

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