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   Chapter 250 Outside The Valley

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Zen was pleasantly surprised.

With the demonic life energy flowing through his body, Zen stretched his hand and forced some demonic life energy out of his body.

The demonic life energy had changed indeed. Although it was still dark purple, it looked like thick dark purple fog.

"I have made a breakthrough!"

After being at a half-step into the nature level for a long time, Zen had finally entered the nature level!

The demonic life energy that was flowing in Zen's body was changing into life vitality. The thick dark fog in his hand was demonic life vitality!

After Zen entered the nature level, his strength was promoted to a higher degree.

It was more important that he had broken the barrier to the nature level, as in the future, Zen would enhance speed for cultivation.

"Congratulations. You are now a nature creature," Saul smiled faintly and praised Zen.

In fact, with Saul's vision, let alone a nature creature, even a master at the Illuminating Soul Realm was insignificant.

But Saul was only a servant at the fairy palace, and now, Zen was the temporary host. As long as Zen continued to perform well, he was destined to become the real host of the palace. Saul naturally had to respect him.

Zen nodded and smiled at Saul. After becoming a nature creature, Zen was one level closer to his goal.

Then he closed his eyes and started to consolidate his realm.

Three days later, Zen opened his eyes. As a nature creature, Zen felt that his body had changed.

His breath was longer and more forceful. It would take five minutes to take a breath.

After Zen solidified his realm, he jumped up and threw a punch in the air. This was the first move of the Heavenly Ogre Fist called Ogres Shaking the World.

When he threw the punch, a black fist shadow emerged rapidly. It was more solid and faster. Since Zen had absorbed power from the Sun Moon Stars Picture, the shadow glittered with the power of the stars.

Looking at the fist shadow, Zen curled his lips. Unfortunately, he had no opponent on whom to test the power of the Heavenly Ogre Fist. Zen considered Saul for a while. Although Saul remained expressionless, Zen shook his head and dismissed the idea. He knew that Saul's strength was endless. If he decided to test his new powers on Saul, there might not be a reaction.

There was much for Zen to celebrate. After all, he had become the temporary host of the fairy palace and had received the best Contemplation Picture. However, Zen was crestfallen when he learned that he couldn't use anything in the big palace.

If he could enter the pill refining room and acquire an elixir, could his strength be significantly improved?

The cause and effect of everything was a blessing. Since the third host of the fairy palace had made such an arrangement, it must be for a reason. Zen wouldn't insist on it, however.

Saul had informed Zen that he couldn't enter any other place in the fairy palace except the room in which he found himself. Considering the limitations, Zen thought it would be a waste of his time to remain in the palace.

Zen saluted Saul and said,"I have been in the fairy palace for a long time. If there

rested. Goodbye!"

"What happened to the elders from my family? Where are they now?" The man was unwilling to step aside and questioned Zen again.

Zen's expression soured. "I will repeat what I said earlier. I don't know you. I am not in the mood to answer your questions. Get out of the way if you don't want to die!"

The strength Zen showed before had already left these people puzzled. After all, Zen could kill Yves and had taken Leon's life.

Although some of these nature creatures were more powerful than Leon, the distance between each of them and Leon wouldn't be large. Everyone was afraid of Zen for now.

The force with which Zen had spoken was so great that the nature creatures moved one step back. One of the men shouted,"Everyone, come together. He must know what happened in the fairy palace. Don't let him go!"

It was said that there was strength in numbers. Perhaps this was why the other men felt encouraged to the degree that they challenged Zen.

Everyone had been fearful of Zen, but they didn't believe that Zen could defeat so many nature creatures by himself.

Seeing so many nature creatures surrounding him, Zen narrowed his eyes and emitted a strong killing intent. He didn't want to kill more people, but these people from the noble clans were so hard to deal with!

"If you want to lose your life, come closer. I can fulfill your wish. All of you will die just like the people at the Illuminating Soul Realm in the palace!" Zen summoned his dark purple demonic life vitality and prepared for battle.

"What? All of them died?"

"How about my uncle?"

"No way! They are masters at the Illuminating Soul Realm. How can they die so easily? You are a liar!"

What Zen said revealed that all the masters at the Illuminating Soul Realm were dead. Everyone heard that, but none of them could believe it.

Since the fairy palace was a dangerous place, all of these clan members knew that even masters at the Illuminating Soul Realm were as powerless as insects and could die of an accident at any time.

But they didn't believe it because they couldn't accept the truth.

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