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   Chapter 249 Entering The Nature Level

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Zen's wish had come true. If he could get closer, he would have a better chance.

Zen smiled. The dragon power erupted from his body. He lifted the armored man and intended to throw him on the ground.

If the armored man was only a half-step into the nature level, he certainly couldn't survive this.

However, before Zen had the opportunity to do so, the armored man wriggled free from Zen's arms. His body was as soft as a snake.

Zen had already decided to smash the armored man with his arms and fists. However, since the armored man clung to him closely, both of them lost their balance and fell to the ground.

Meanwhile, Zen stretched out his right hand and attempted to grab the armored man's neck. He failed because the armored man's throat was slippery. The armored man got away. He rolled over and pinned Zen under his body.


An idea suddenly popped into his head.

The armored man's moves reminded Zen of a body-building martial art form that the Eastern Region called contortion.

Ordinary people would practice several martial arts styles before entering the skin-refining level, and contortion was one of them.

However, after they entered the skin-refining level, these people would commit themselves to becoming a real master and they would give up practicing contortion. This was because the martial arts style was used for body-building and it was useless for the careers of real masters.

Zen had learned contortion in his childhood.

However, after he reached the skin-refining level, he started to learn Purple Light Fist, a method cultivated by his ancestors.

Zen had never thought that an ordinary armored man could use contortion this way. In his mind, contortion was only used for body-building.

Zen found his martial arts useless when battling this armored man.

'A strand of the immortal's soul can possess such unbelievable strength, ' thought Zen. Zen felt very depressed after being pinned by the armored man.

But Zen wouldn't give up easily as he was determined to get the fifth Contemplation Picture.

The armored man put his foot behind Zen and didn't move. Actually, he was motionless and extremely quiet.

He looked a bit arrogant. A strand of the immortal's soul still existed in his body, and it was intelligent.

"Fuck!" Zen cursed.

Zen erupted into fury and struggled to get free.

However, no matter how hard he tried to get up, the armored man pinned him down with his knee against Zen's body.

This time, Zen held his breath and waited for his opportunity. Before he toppled to the ground, he stepped forward suddenly and then turned a somersault. Then, Zen finally rose to his feet.

The armored man saw this and attempted to stop him. He followed Zen and stubbornly tried to pin him down again.

"Fuck yourself," said Zen, smirking unpleasantly.

Zen's breast suddenly burst, and red blood splattered everywhere. From his bloody chest, the broken flying knife appeared and flew toward the head of the armored man.

It cut through h

templating the Nine-day Cycle Picture for half a year.

However, there were nine levels in the Nine-day Cycle Picture. In contrast, the Sun Moon Stars Picture only had three levels, which meant the sun, moon, and stars.

In respect of this, practicing the power and skills according to the Sun Moon Stars Picture seemed to be more difficult.

Zen just started to contemplate a few minutes ago, and now, he was capable of taking the power and strength of the stars. He was a genius!

Time passed. Three days later, Zen was still sitting on the ground.

After 3, 000 circles, Zen suddenly closed his eyes. He contemplated for a while and then re-opened his eyes. The stars were still shining brilliantly.

'The Sun Moon Stars Picture is marvelous. After absorbing the power from the stars, my spirit was lifted, and my soul was purified, ' thought Zen. He sighed deeply at the thought.

This was Zen's intuitive feeling. However, as one of the immortal's best pictures, the Contemplation Picture could do more than that.

Zen exerted his energy and allowed it to flow inside his belly, forcing the demonic life energy to come out of his body. He found that some starlight was shining in the dark and purple demonic life energy. It was beautiful.

"The demonic life energy can swallow all other life energies and life vitality, but it gets along with this starlight well... Wait!"

All of a sudden, something abnormal happened.

The demonic life energy disappeared from his hands.

"What's happening?"

Meanwhile, Zen felt the demonic life energy that was slowly flowing inside his belly began to give out heat. It was as though somebody had set a fire inside his body.

The demonic life energy was flowing more and more quickly in his belly, and the heat was accumulating.

The demonic life energy radiated from his belly and quickly rushed to all of his meridians.

The nature of the demonic life energy had changed. It had become much thicker and smoother.

"Am I... entering a new level?"

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