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   Chapter 247 The Immortal Soul (Part One)

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While Saul watched Zen beat all the evil ghosts, he remained silent for a while. Then slowly, he said, "Interesting! There appears to be a dragon lying dormant in your body."

A dragon? Zen did not try to deny it. In fact, there was not only one dragon inside his body --- but nine!

However, only the cyan dragon that lay at the bottom of his body woke up. Particularly, it was the dragon that killed the evil spirits. It was a shame that he could not tell when the other eight dragons were going to awaken. Perhaps, the next dragon might only wake up after the current cyan dragon's scales were completely lit up.

"Haha! Not bad at all! Indeed, you are qualified to proceed to the fifth round. Seeing that you have already passed four tests by now, I won't force you to give up anymore. Should you be successful in the final test, you will obtain the Sun Moon Stars Picture, which is the most powerful Contemplation Picture in the fairy palace. Your only chance at winning, however, depends on you going at it with all your strength. Since the attacks of the ghosts affected your soul, I can assist you with your recovery."

As a creature of wide knowledge and experiences, Saul had seen all kinds of people while staying at the fairy palace.

During his encounter with Zen, he had looked down on the man repeatedly. Nevertheless, Zen succeeded in conquering all the difficulties and consistently passed the tests one at a time. After a while, Saul could no longer intimidate the man and allowed him to advance to the next test instead.

As soon as Saul stated his intention to help, a halo of light descended from the sky and directly entered Zen's brain.

Suddenly, his soul appeared to be in a relaxed state, giving him a sense of pleasure and making him almost want to cry out in bliss. Despite Saul being just a puppet, he had casually displayed his surprising skills to cure people.

After the halo disappear

e life vitality. Therefore, Zen assumed that the matter he saw coming from the armored warrior was merely life energy.

However, the life energy seemed so strange. Instead of being a single color, there were several of them! Even more, the life energy constantly changed shades.

'What kind of cultivation method has he mastered that enables him to summon such vibrant life energy? No matter what, I'd better strike him first to gain the upper hand, ' Zen thought. Like a flying shuttle, Zen pushed off the ground and rushed towards the armored warrior. At the same time, he shot the broken flying knife straight at the armored warrior.

With a loud rustle, the broken flying knife rotated and came sharply at the head of the armored warrior.

Trying to outmaneuver the armored warrior, Zen thought of a strategy to subdue him.

For his plan to work, the armored warrior had to dodge the flying knife, and then that was when he planned to use the Spiritual Thorn. After that, he would retrieve the flying knife and initiate his fatal attack.

However, the armored warrior ruined his plan with a single move, one that was simple yet effective enough for him to avoid biting the dust so early in the battle.

In a very subtle manner, the armored warrior... tilted his head.

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