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   Chapter 241 The Force Of One Hundred Men (Part One)

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However, at this moment Zen's primary concern was revolving around what the current test was all about.

"Saul, as you mentioned, this test was set by an immortal. But I'm only half-step into the nature level. How could I possibly undergo that test successfully?" Zen asked with a wide frown across his face.

If in fact the legendary immortal did set all the problems which would appear in the test, let alone Zen, even the greatest masters of all times from the Eastern Region would probably fail it.

Saul grinned upon hearing the response as he pointed to the things in the yard and said, "Look at everything in this courtyard carefully. Aren't they all over a hundred times bigger than you?"

Upon giving everything a second glance, Zen gave an accepting nod. It was evident that the courtyard was designed by immortals. Every wall there was over thousands of feet high, which made Zen feel like a little ant crawling on the ground as he walked through the courtyard.

"Don't you think it is strange that I showed up before you in this appearance?" Saul asked again, with a wide smile still persisting on his face.

The entire scene was indeed rather strange. From the moment he entered the fairy palace, all the objects were of massive proportion, except the puppet Saul who was about Zen's size.

"The test is designed to find the most suitable successor, so the candidate's strength is primarily taken into consideration. But obviously if the immortal modeled the test based on his own ability and strengths, then chances are that no one would inherit the fairy palace," Saul continued in a bid to instill confidence. "The test formulated only for pushing your limits. It means that the stronger a candidate is, the more difficult the test will be. If you ca

fact to remember was that it was a test of strength!

But Zen didn't know how his strength would be tested at this point in this unfamiliar world.

He walked for a while before his eyes chanced upon a rope. There were many bare-chested men with powerful muscles standing alongside the rope. The men appeared quite burly.

After counting the men standing across from him, Zen realized there were about a hundred men.

"Humph!" Upon seeing Zen approaching, the men leading the gang handed the strong rope over to Zen.

Zen grabbed the rope and suddenly felt light. His vision got blurry before the landscape changed yet again.

As his vision became clear again, Zen was standing on the top of a high mountain, still holding onto the rope. Those burly men were standing across him, holding the rope's other end.

Between the mountain tops was a ravine. Some preying birds were circling over the cliffs, looking at Zen insidiously. It felt like they were keenly waiting for the moment he would fall into the ravine, so they could swoop in and peck at his flesh.

In addition to this horrifying scene, the bottom of the mountain ravine was swirling with molten hot lava...

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