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   Chapter 238 Seymour Took His Own Life

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Although Zen could borrow the energy from the Phoenix Crystal to improve his speed and avoid Seymour's attack, he knew that he would end up being beheaded by Seymour if he wouldn't fight back.

'I can't hide forever. I must fight back!' he thought as he dodged an attack from Seymour.

Before the attack, Zen planned to kill Seymour using the assimilation attack of the demonic life energy. But he realized that his opponent was not an ordinary nature creature but an Illuminating Soul Realm master.

'If only the giant black hawk can hit Seymour, I might have a chance to win this battle. But damn, he moves so fast! My black hawk can't do anything to him at his speed! What should I do?' Zen thought anxiously.

While Zen was lost in his thoughts, Seymour drew his sword and attacked him. With the burning life vitality on his back, Seymour cast a shadow that grew bigger as he got closer to Zen.

The growing dark figure awakened Zen from his deep thoughts, but before he could figure out what was happening, he felt a sharp pain on his shoulder.

"What the hell?" Despite the damage he made to Zen, Seymour was disappointed at the result of his attack.

Although his sword had no cutting edge, it was still a mid-grade spiritual weapon. He intended to cut off Zen's shoulder first before finally cutting his body in half. Unexpectedly, when his sword hit Zen's body, he felt a tremendous resistance.

"That's a surprise. But your bones can't be that hard. There must be something protecting your body," Seymour, floating in the air, said to Zen directly. "I guess I just need to chop your body bit by bit."

At that moment, Zen already had spiritual textures on his chest. His body had become a middle-grade spiritual weapon and become stronger.

However, no matter how strong his body was, he could still feel the pain that Seymour's sword left on his shoulder. If he couldn't kill this man today, he would be the one to die.

'No more hiding! Hiding won't keep me alive and won't certainly kill this ferocious man! If I want to kill him, then I should be fiercer than him!' Zen thought to himself.

"Stop trying! You won't defeat me even if you reach the natural level and use your life vitality. You won't stand a chance against me even if I am injured!"

Seymour said. The cyan life vitality on his back suddenly began to burn violently. He transformed into a cyan line and dashed towards Zen again.

'Stop dodging!' Zen commanded himself. He stood his ground with determination in his eyes.

'I will do everything to defeat him even if it costs me my life!'

More than one hundred dragon scales lit up simultaneously in Zen's body, while the broken flying blade flew towards Seymour.

After that, Zen controlled the black hawk and it flew towards him.


e cracks on "blue-jade enchanted barrier" were getting larger.

At the same time, the red energy was slowly penetrating through the cracks. Seymour wanted to activate his life vitality to repair the cracks, but the red energy was stopping him.

"No! This can't be happening! This is impossible!" Seymour screamed when he realized that the red energy was penetrating his "blue-jade enchanted barrier". He could imagine the fate he was about to face once the enchanted barrier broke.

"I don't want to die. Let me go, please. I promise I won't hurt you again!" Seymour pleaded.

Standing just outside the "blue-jade enchanted barrier" and looking at Seymour's pathetic face, Zen replied coldly, "That's not what you just said earlier."

"Please! I had no idea how strong you are until this happened!" Seymour continued to plead, "I really don't want to die. I can't die."

"But you forget this," Zen pointed at Seymour, "There could only be one winner in the Desperate Melee."

The "blue-jade enchanted barrier" soon became unstable as was fully covered with red cracks.


And when it couldn't bear the pressure, the "blue-jade enchanted barrier" finally broke into pieces like glass.

Seymour tried to escape when the enchanted barrier broke to avoid the attack from the black hawk.

But just as he was about to dash out, there was a dull thud. Seymour's eyes widened in horror, and the pain was written all over his face.

There was a hole in Seymour's head and a lot of blood was coming out of it. And he fell to the ground lifeless.

The broken flying blade was there all along. Zen threw it outside the enchanted barrier in advance to stop Seymour if he ever tried to escape.

In other words, Seymour took his own life.

Seymour died and the battle finally ended. After Zen's life energy vanished, he descended slowly to the ground.

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