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   Chapter 237 Face To The Fight (Part Two)

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When the Desperate Melee had been triggered, everyone was connected by a thin stream of life vitality. Since there were many people at the beginning, this life vitality had been quite disorganized.

However, as the battle continued, more and more Illuminating Soul Realm masters were killed. The life vitality stream connecting a person to the other participants would break after his death.

Now, only three connected streams of life vitality were left.

They linked Zen with the other two Illuminating Soul Realm masters, Seymour and an old man with a dragon head stick in his hand.

As Zen watched, Seymour fought the old man fiercely.

Since they had managed to survive to the end, both Seymour and the old man must be outstanding in terms of wisdom and competence.

Both opponents knew that only one of them could survive to the end and that the survivor would become the owner of the fairy palace treasure house.

The young man in the mask who had been watching them fight had only reached a half-step into the nature level, so they were not afraid of him at all.

Now, since they were just one step away from success, the fighting between these two Illuminating Soul Realm masters increased in intensity. The raging life vitality burnt crazily and its impact could be felt across all corners of the pavilion. Even Zen, who was watching from a distance, could feel it. To protect himself, Zen stood behind the black hawk.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

Hearing several loud explosions, Zen walked out from behind the black hawk. As the burning life vitality faded, he saw Seymour standing with the jade sword in his hand.

He looked utterly bedraggled with torn clothes and burnt hair. Seymour cursed as he limped, "Fuck! Did you th

uch tremendous power so quickly! Even I can't compare with it. However, although very fast, its speed is still not enough. You want to rely on this black hawk to defeat me? Dream on!" Seymour's eyes glittered as he shouted at Zen. Then, he threw himself into the air at an extremely high speed and swung his jade sword at Zen.

If an Illuminating Soul Realm master tried, he could reach incredibly high speeds. With a blink of an eye, Seymour, who had been some distance away from Zen, narrowed the gap between them to such an extent that he was now less than three feet away!

"Wow, so fast!" Zen shouted in shock. He immediately activated the Phoenix Crystal in his right arm. Then his speed suddenly increased tenfold. When supplemented by the momentary burst of power from his legs, Zen was able to push himself more than a hundred feet away. Thus, he narrowly dodged Seymour's sword.

Zen was at a half-step into the nature level, so he could neither burn his life vitality nor fly. Whereas, Seymour could do both of these. Seeing that his target had run away, Seymour gave chase.

As Zen was unable to fly like Seymour, he was inevitably at a disadvantage.

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