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   Chapter 236 Face To The Fight (Part One)

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After witnessing what had happened, Zen came up with an idea. He took the opportunity to summon the life energy in his body. He waved his fist as he shouted, "Ogres Shaking the World!"

When the black shadow formed by the demonic life energy punched the giant hawk, the color of the hawk began to change from grey and brown to black.

A smile appeared on Zen's face. He hooked his finger at the hawk and watched as the bird flew to him and settled on his shoulder under his instruction.

"Hey, young man!" The Illuminating Soul Realm master who had summoned the giant hawk shouted as he pointed at Zen.

"'d better mind yourself!" Seymour ignored what the man said and continued to chase the Illuminating Soul Realm master with the jade sword in his hand.

The person who survived the battle would get everything in the fairy palace. Even if all opponents survived, the person with the rightful claim over the contents of the fairy palace was driven to kill his opponents as he didn't want to share the benefits with the others. After all, greed and selfishness are innate human qualities.

Zen walked on the edge of the pavilion with the giant hawk on his shoulder. He didn't intend on participating in the fight at this time.

If someone's life vitality avatar came close to him, Zen would instruct the black hawk on his shoulder to devour that person's life vitality.

After a short while, the black hawk began to grow in size. Soon, it expanded to over thirty feet in height!

What a giant monster!

The hawk was so big that it couldn't rest on Zen's shoulder any longer. Therefore, Zen ordered it to hover around and wait for his command.

Those Illuminating Soul Realm masters whose life vit


With a puff, a knife pierced his chest. He looked at the broadsword and found it belonged to his younger brother. He turned around and stared at his brother with disbelief on his face. "Why? Why did you kill me?"

The younger brother shook his head and said, "Sorry! Since only one person can survive today, I didn't want you to become my last rival. I'll take care of our parents."

Zen couldn't help but sigh at the action of the younger twin brother.

If the long-haired woman had trusted him, these Illuminating Soul Realm masters wouldn't have killed each other. Now, they were caught in a battle to the death and had no choice but to kill each other.

From what he had seen, Zen understood that there was no basic trust, not even between brothers.

Seeing that the blue light ball formed by Sandra's life vitality before her death hadn't disappeared, Zen commanded the bird in silence. The black hawk shrieked as it flew toward the blue light ball.

After transforming the blue light ball into demonic life energy, the black hawk grew even bigger!

Zen wasn't eager to join the fight. He stood still and waited for a chance.

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