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   Chapter 234 Desperate Melee (Part One)

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A loud, rough rumble resonated from the rocky statue. Everyone's eyes were trained on the floating object.

The first statue was slowly dragged on the character "heaven." The floor slightly vibrated as it did so.

As he watched the scene unfold, Zen briefly remembered that Chase once wrote the number "three" beside "heaven" in his book. Thus, he assumed that three statues should be moved to the word "heaven".

Once the long-haired woman finished putting the first statue in place, she lowered her head and began to calculate again. When she got the result, she sent a second statue to where "heaven" was for the second time.

Shortly after, the woman had done the next calculation and moved a third statue to "heaven" for the last time.

A slight nod was given by Zen. It seemed that she appeared too modest when she claimed that she was not skilled at the Eight Diagrams. Her calculation on the first character was exactly the same as the book written by Chase. He only hoped that she could calculate all the next succeeding characters correctly.

When the three statues were finally placed on the character "heaven," the big "heaven" name carving emitted a golden light--the woman had done it right.

The positive outcome made everyone brim with confidence.

"Sandra's knowledge of formation is extraordinary!"

"How could she merely be proficient? She is qualified to be a formation master!"

The rest of the Illuminating Soul Realm masters showered her with flattery and other words of praise.

In return, Sandra only shook her head and slicked back her long hair. "Don't count the chickens before they hatch. It's the easiest to work out the first character of the formation. Deciphering a formation becomes harder and harder along the way. The chances of failing become bigger as the calculation gets more complicated," she said.

After she finished her talk, her head lowered once again. Then she continued to work o


Now, Seymour and other several Illuminating Soul Realm masters also activated the life vitality within their bodies. Their figures emitted bright flashes of light and terrifying power.

Zen felt pressed, so he had no choice but to shut up.

After a bit of hesitation, Sandra bit her bottom lip and finally chose to believe in herself.

Once again, a rocky rumbling sound was heard from a statue.

A fifth one was moved towards "Valley." Once it was placed into position, a click sound was heard, followed by the sight of "Valley" turning into a blood red glow instead of the supposed golden flash of light.

Everyone's faces were drained of color, and only then did they realize that Zen was right.

Then again, it was already too late for regrets. There was no use crying over spilled milk.

They felt the ground shake a bit as the Eight Diagrams suddenly began to rotate. When they gradually came to a halt, a white and black mist came out from the Eight Diagrams and formed several characters.

The writing read, "Desperate Melee!"

"What does it mean?"

"It's ominous! We must have fallen into a trap!"

All the Illuminating Soul Realm masters exclaimed in horror, their faces ghastly pale. The fairy palace was a dangerous place, and they were doomed this time.

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